dove keep the grey
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Dove, a personal beauty brand, is making waves in the beauty industry because of their latest campaign. The greying of hair is a natural process however, it impacts women more than we could imagine. Ageism is rampant across all industries and a recent fiasco in Canada has prompted Dove to speak about it. Here’s what’s going on:

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Dove is participating in a heated discourse revolving around women and ageism in the workplace. Many women are considered ‘old’ as soon as they start showing grey hair and are also then demoted or preferred less as opposed to “young” girls or their male counterparts. Dove is changing the game.

dove keep the grey
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The dove brand shared its message across all of its social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Their new campaign went live on Sunday night. Their motto?  To help women age wonderfully on their own terms.

How Is It Being Rolled Out?

Dove has started making its profile images grayscale. Their brand campaign hashtag is “#KeepTheGrey!” It is especially pushing Canadians (where the campaign is being rolled out) to “go grey” with the brand. Dove has also changed the color of its logo. It has switched from the signature golden shade to a single monochromatic grey.


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But Dove’s efforts go way beyond that. They have made a significant $100,000 donation to Catalyst, a Canadian non-profit organization. The organization aims to create inclusive workplaces for all women and is supporting the ‘Go Grey’ movement.

What Prompted This?

This initiative by Dove comes a week after CTV (a famous news agency) fired news anchor Lisa LaFlamme. This decision went viral and it also prompted an internal investigation of the work environment in Bell Media’s newsroom.

dove keep the grey
Image Source: Instagram

The investigation revealed the core truth of the firing to be based on ageism. Michael Melling, a senior authority in the news group questioned the decision to allow LaFlamme to broadcast with grey hair. In essence, a competent anchor was fired from her workplace because her hair was naturally starting to turn grey. Aren’t we all allowed to age or is ageing also now a privilege? Dove has always stayed ahead of the curve, this is another feather in their hat.

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