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Inclusivity in clothing or fashion brands is a relatively new concept in Pakistan. The movement has been led by many influencers and activists suggesting or rather questioning the lack of plus-size clothing in Pakistan. 

However, inclusivity does not start and end at bigger sizes. It also means thinking and designing for people from all walks of life, be it a mother, an older person or someone disabled. Additionally, it also means to include non-typical and non-fair-looking models in your shoots. So which Pakistani brands are doing an excellent job at being inclusive?

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Generation has always been the everything and every one brand. It’s been an intergenerational brand for a reason. Their campaigns are always thoughtful: remember the time their campaign celebrated an old couple’s marriage? From those types of campaigns to ones especially for mothers, they’ve done it all.


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Their sizes are also vast-ranging going from 6-16. Generation is indeed a powerhouse of a brand leading the way for inclusivity.


Lulusar is another brand that has defied all odds and made a permanent yet dynamic space for itself in the Pakistani clothing scene. The brand began online and became popular for their unique designs and flowy cuts. They have now also opened their shop! 


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What makes them exclusive is their sizing— in most articles, they also have 2XL. Moreover, they’ve done campaigns with several plus-sized models to show that they don’t just design for skinny people! Lulusar makes the kind of clothes everyone can wear, and that’s how they promote inclusivity.


Another powerhouse of a brand that has been around for decades now. Khaadi is a global brand now and it only makes sense if it keeps up with the global requirements. The brand caught on very early that promoting inclusivity is the only way forward.


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From keeping models of all skin colors in their shoots to offering plus-sized clothing, Khaadi knows how to incorporate inclusivity.


The brand is named ‘inclusivitee’, what more can one say? This brand is the brainchild of the woman who started the ‘Soul Bitches’ group on Facebook, which was all about empowering women and giving them a safe space. The brand promises unisex clothing as well as clothing that can be tailored to anybody’s size. No one gets left out!



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