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Brands had geared up on both sides of the border, preparing for the win in the T20 World Cup of the most awaited match of the entire competition. But since you never know what the future holds for you, it’s always better to keep yourself in check. Otherwise, your words may come back to haunt you just like in the case of Zomato. Of course, Pakistani brands were not far behind, they were ready to give the haunting a boost.

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Zomato digs a hole for itself

The food delivery brand in India, Zomato attempted to troll Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) on October 24th. They said that if PCB is looking for burgers and Pizza, they could deliver. The tweet went viral.

Pakistani brands jump in

The brands were not far behind in defending PCB and/or trolling Zomato. Whatever brand rivalry there may be, but when Pakistan is trolled, everyone leaves their rivalry aside to render the enemy speechless.

Since Careem delivers food as well and their recent offer was linked to free food, they said not only could they deliver all the free ‘Pizze’ and burgers, but also some fantastic tea. And we all know the Indians just love our fantastic tea.

foodpanda trolled them pretty hard. They advised the Indians on leaving the food delivery responsibility on them and focusing on cricket because 3 outs on just 31 runs is just embarrassing.

Graana jumped on the bandwagon too. An app that finds accommodation, it offered to find a place that could hold 11 people. Hint hint!

Sastaticket had a funny response as well. It said that if the Indian team needed help booking tickets back home now that they lost to Pakistan, Sastaticket was at service.

With the victory in hand, Ibex Pakistan suggested to Zomato to begin looking for places to hide. And should they need help, Ibex Pakistan was available.

While all these tweets came once the match started and things started looking good, Munchies was ready to give a supporting hand to PCB way before.

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These Pakistani brands have had the most fun trolling PCB. And honestly, we had fun too reading all the tweets.

Moral of the story: Never make claims ahead of time. Never come off as overconfident. 

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