In Pakistan, a country that is obsessed with skin whitening, fairness creams are sold in abundance to the masses. Because of the high demand, a large number of brands have come into existence. The delivery of many of these products is questionable at best, and as a new report by the BBC has shown, some of them may even cause serious health issues.

BBC London ran a story about how numerous shops in London have been fined for selling fairness beauty creams that contain harmful and poisonous chemicals as core ingredients for their products.

The list of beauty brands also included Pakistani brand Faiza Beauty Cream and Golden Pearl Cosmetics. Stillman’s cream vastly available in the country is also part of the harmful skin whitening creams.

The report states that Faiza Beauty Cream contains 0.54% of toxic mercury. 


London Trading Standards said that the officers found hundreds of thousands of such products and mentioned that some of the chemicals used could also lead to organ damage. They creams contain dangerous and prohibited levels of hydroquinone, mercury or corticosteroids.

Fifteen London businesses selling these beauty products have been fined a hefty amount of £168,579 by the Trading Standards.

The full list of products include:

  • Golden Pearl Beauty Cream
  • Faiza Beauty Cream
  • Stillman’s Lightening Cream
  • Maxi Light
  • White Express
  • L’Ivoirienne Cream
  • Face Fresh
  • POP Popular

Watch BBC’s Video Report Here!



Pakistan Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (PCSIR) verified Faiza Beauty Cream and deemed it fit for use, which has now been proven wrong by the London Trading Standards Association.

BBC’s report has caused an uproar on social media, here’s how Twitterati in Pakistan have reacted to this news.

Let’s hope that these skin whitening and lightening products suffer from the consequences caused due to their creams. This all leads one to wonder: Why is it that these harmful creams are so freely available in Pakistan, despite evidence pointing to the fact that their use leads to serious health issues?

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