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Brands sometimes make advertising that has the viewers laughing out of their pants. Sometimes it is just their regular advertising and sometimes, it is them cashing on the trending topics. Whatever they intend the message to be, either it turns out to be funny or cringe-worthy, but funny still. Let’s have a look at all such recent Pakistani ads that had us either cringing or laughing or both.

1. Broadway

Broadway released a static ad for the 6th September Defence Day to convey to Pakistanis their level of patriotism. They used visuals that had a Chinook helicopter transporting pizza. The copy read, ‘We might share our pizza but we do not share our homes.’

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People just couldn’t understand the need for that particular set of visuals and copy. A few of them were trying to understand the content’s relevance and after realizing they were laughing at its creators.

2. Zameer Ansari

Zameer Ansari created advertising that was funny and so apt. They got what they aimed for. For instance, the idea was to get a reach of thousands. Hence, by copying Emirates ad, even if it was for bashing purposes, they got the people’s attention. People were laughing at the shaking girl on top of a water tank in a residential area.

3. Dipitt

Do you see it?

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A platform where one can buy ketchup and sauces promoted their brand through a static post. All different types of sauces are visible in the post but zoom in and you’ll find what was funny.

4. Express Power

Express Power featured the rising comedian, Tabish Hashmi. The ad concept was such that it was going to mock another detergent brand. Even Tabish’s character was supposed to mock, the other detergent’s famous ambassador. However, all their tactics failed when the ad couldn’t impress the people and turned out to be cringeworthy.

5. Daily Deli 

Using the viral trend of Nida Yasir and formula cars, Daily Deli employed the meme to promote its product. When you lack a reservoir of content, you are forced to make such advertising that does not even link to the product. While some laughed because they were genuinely amused at the joke, some laughed at the brand’s strategy.

Dreamworld did a similar tactic. But their ad actually seemed relevant. Considering that the meme emerged from a sports vehicle and Dreamworld used it to promoted another sports vehicle, Dreamworld nailed it.

Are there other Pakistani ads that you can think of which had you laughing because of a poor idea or bad execution of content

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