Pakistan wins against Afghanistan in T20
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The Pakistan cricket team has been seeing nothing but victory for the past three matches. We have quite a lot of fans watching every match here and they are rejoicing the wins. The team has certainly gone above and beyond to prove their worth in the T20 World Cup. The most recent win, against Afghanistan, is the latest impressive victory for our team. The internet has certainly exploded with reactions and Twitter is celebrating at a high level!

As in all the matches, our team has given a superb performance, with an impressive bowling inning. When the time came for us to bat, the stats went even higher. The way the Pakistan team chases a target is legendary. It seems no matter what, we manage to tackle every obstacle that comes our way.

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Pakistan And Another Win

The Afghanistan team started off with an impressive inning. They made quite a lot of runs as the first five overs were over. Then the progress kept going well till the innings were over. They ended at a score between what India and New Zealand had set.

As you can see, Pakistan has gone above and beyond to prove that it could chase the target. No matter how hard the ball was thrown or how many spins it had, Pakistan managed to knock them out of the boundary line.

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Asif Ali is truly a legendary personality and sportsperson. He has proved himself to be among the best cricketers out there. 

Stepping Towards The Next Game

That said, let us see how our team fares against the remaining two teams in the super 12. We can say that Pakistan is going to enter the Semi-finals now, without much doubt.

We are with them with our complete love and support. Pakistan is sure to go right ahead with its performance and it is going to be a treat to watch.

And how can we not talk about Asif Ali’s game-clinching blow of four 6s??!

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