Pakistan Army dance

The Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) Peace Mission Exercise opened doors for Pakistan and India for the first time in Russia.

SCO hoped that the situation between both countries will improve by dialogue and cooperation both bilaterally and within multilateral mechanisms to maintain regional peace and stability.

The anti-terror exercise conducted from August 22-29 in Chebarkul town in Chelyabinsk.

“We welcome India and pakistan’s joint participation in the counter-terrorism excercise under the sco framework” -chinese foreign ministry spokesperson hua chunying

“these two countries are important ones in south asia. relationships between the two is significant to the peace and development of the reigiona nd world wide.

we sincerely hope that they could enhance their dialouge and cooperation both bilaterally and within multilateral mechanisims like the sco, work together to improve their ties and jointly maintain regional peace and stability”

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Pakistan & Indian Army Dance Video Goes Viral!

On Tuesday, a video of both Pakistan and Indian Army officers went viral. In the video, rival officers were seen dancing together on popular Bollywood songs.

However, this has left social media in a baffled state. According to one Facebook page, if Navjot Singh Sidhu is a traitor for coming to PM Imran Khan’s ceremony, does that make the Indian Army, ‘Desh Drohis’?

Whatever it may be, it surely is great to see that both the armies have enjoyed their time together. The happiness on their faces and their priceless expressions say it all, that peace is possible if you forget the pain and live in the moment.

Hats off to both the Pakistan and Indian army for taking a step closer to what might be the start of something new.

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