Aamir Liaquat has made to the news again and as expected, for all the wrong reasons.

We all remember how the controversial host lashed out at Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) when Firdous Shamim Naqvi had refused to give him a party ticket for Elections 2018.

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Later, Imran Khan resolved the matter by granting him a PTI ticket for the NA-245 Constituency.

Now that he has won and has even made it to the Nation Assembly, Liaquat is miffed with his political party once more.

Here’s What Went Down!

In a shocking social media fiasco, the televangelist slammed Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf leadership for not inviting him to a meeting at the Governor’s House.

According to the politician, all MNAs and MPAs from Karachi were included in the meeting.

However, this was just the start of Aamir Bhai’s outburst against PTI and Imran Khan. Speaking to a talk show on Samaa TV, he accused IK of ignoring his advice and not visiting Quaid’s mausoleum after PTI’s win in Karachi

He added that Governor Houses are still being used for meetings and IK’s claims of banning VIP protocols were false.

What’s more, Liaquat claimed that Kaptaan is neglecting Karachi as it has not been a politically significant city for him.

Imran Khan Responds to Aamir Liaquat

Taking immediate notice of the matter, Prime Minister Imran Khan responded to Aamir Liaquat and resolved the situation.

Aamir took to Twitter and revealed his discussion with Kaptaan on the situation. Apparently, Khan contacted him and assured him that he will deal with all of Liaquat’s concerns.

According to Aamir’s tweet, PM will be soon visiting Karachi. What’s more, IK instructed him to protect party discipline and play his part as Kaptaan’s player on the team.

The Case of Leaked Whatsapp Voice Message

According to The News, a Whatsapp voice message by Aamir Liaquat has leaked, revealing the real story behind Aamir Liaquat’s tiff with PTI.

The message sent on Whatsapp group of Sindh’s PTI parliamentarians, the politician has slammed lawmakers of his party.

As per the clip, Liaquat was actually angry for not being invited to Sindh Governor Imran Ismail’s oath-taking ceremony.

Listen to the leaked Whatsapp voice clip here.

When PTI leaders failed to satisfy him over the matter, Aamir Liaquat exited the Whatsapp group.

Source: Twitter

Is Aamir Liaquat leaving PTI?

While everybody was speculating that Aamir will be leaving PTI, the televangelist has finally cleared all the rumors.

He openly expressed his love for Khan and revealed that he is not leaving the party.

Earlier, in a statement to Samaa TV, the scholar turned entertainer clearly said that he is going to make the ultimate decision soon.

“I will share my personal decision before September 4 whether I will sit on government benches or opposition benches”

Aamir Liaquat Hints at Leaving PTI

PTI Leaders Respond to Aamir Liaquat

Meanwhile, PTI members Faisal Vawda and Faisal Javed have broken silence on the matter, claiming Liaquat’s allegations as baseless.

aamir liaquat

According to Faisal Javed:

“Even if Imran Khan had nominated a pole instead of Aamir Liaquat, it would have won”

However, Vawda called Aamir Liaquat his brother and claimed that despite his hot-headed statements, PTI will solve all disputes with him.

However, the MNA’s clarification triggered Aamir Bhai all the more and warned Faisal Vadwa to watch his tongue.

Twitterverse is clearly enjoying the drama.

Everybody wants Aamir bhai to stop whining for once.

Who thought Aamir Bhai will take a leaf out of Saleem Safi’s books.

Let’s see how Imran Khan and PTI deals with the matter.

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