Javed Miandad

After abolishing Article 370, the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir special status under the Indian constitution has taken a major twist.

In a viral video, former Pakistani cricketer Javed Miandad has stirred a HUGE controversy after his comments.

In the video, Miandad is heard saying:

“Pehle main balle se chakka marta tha, ab talwar se insaan maaronga.”

If I can hit six with a bat, why can’t I swing sword.. I used to hit sixes with a bat, now I’ll kill humans with sword. -Javed Miandad

Even Shahid Afridi had supported Imran Khan’s call for Kashmir Hour to show solidarity with those who are going through massive injustice. Citizens are beaten up for their religion and even women and children have been targeted.

Imran Khan has reached out to world leaders to raise their voice for Kashmir. The PM has also called out Indian political Narendra Modi’s racist ideology and his political party’s agenda.

‘Do NOT go to Clifton Beach!’- Shaniera Akram Declares State of Emergency!

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