clifton beach

Pakistani cricketer Wasim Akram’s wife Shaniera Akram has always considered herself a citizen of Karachi and as Pakistanis, we have openly welcomed her just over 4 years ago.

Once again, as an activist, she has spoken out about the conditions of the beaches all across Karachi.

She took it to her official Twitter account to write a note about how serious we all need to be when it comes to cleaning the beaches and fixing the source of waste.

She wrote:

All day, every day, these workers are in the hot sun cleaning up the filth that is getting washed on our shores. Our ocean is polluted and no matter how hard we work at cleaning the beach rubbish still washes in everyday. We need to fix the source instead of bandaging the problem!

Shaniera has called-out for a permanent solution eradicating this problem from its roots once and for all.

She has shown Karachiites the mirror of how our plastic is killing our land, our fishes, and most importantly, it’s killing us.

September 3rd, 2019: As a concerned citizen, Akram shared the horrible truth about Clifton Beach and declared it as a biohazard site and in a state of emergency.

In her first tweet, she shared that she almost stepped on 9 syringes at the beach in the morning!

‘Nearly stood on 9 syringes at the beach this morning, don’t know if I should be more worried about our rubbish situation or our drug epidemic?’

Today, she officially announced it as a concerned citizen that Clifton Beach is not safe!

She continued:

After she highlighted the alarming situation, Sindh Police took immediate action and implemented section 144 for the safety of visitors.

Brandsynario strongly asks its readers to STAY AWAY from Clifton Beach until the concerned authorities have ensured the site is no longer a bio-hazard to the health of Karachiites.

Authorities are urged to take action and citizens are requested to bring this alraming situation to their notice.

Stay safe and stay tuned to Brandsynario for more news and updates.