fans storm stadium at T20 Pakistan without tickets
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In the most recent T20 match that took place between Pakistan and Afghanistan, quite a lot of impressive plays were seen. However, we were not aware of what was happening outside the stadium. If we tell you, you will understand exactly how much chaos was unfolding when the match was taking place. More than 20,000 fans managed to storm the stadium and make their way inside. These fans were carrying no tickets and they stormed the stadium. Due to this, the fans who actually had the tickets were locked out!

Who is going to be held responsible for this level of negligence? Not just that, the fans stuck outside were then subjected to discomfort through police horses and riot gears. Imagine buying a ticket just to watch the game with your loved one or your friends. Then, imagine being stripped away of that opportunity because unticketed people storm the stadium in a desperate attempt to watch the match. These people have no regard for laws, rules and they ruin the experience for everyone else as well

Pakistan Match And The Stadium

Not only were the fans stuck outside, they, obviously, missed the entire game because they weren’t being let in. They were being told that it is not safe to do so when there was already a crisis at work inside. How do 20,000 people manage to enter a place that should be of utmost security? This is not just gross negligence, but it is also a security threat. The writer of this article knows of people who just wanted to enjoy the game and went home in a miserable state.

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These non-ticketed people; do they have no regard for anyone else? Is watching the game more important for them than caring about other people? It is not something that can go unchecked and all the tickets should even be refunded.

Preparing For Future Events

We hope that such an event does not repeat in the future. It seems that this is the first time something like this has happened on such a huge scale. It is a huge state of embarrassment and humiliation for us. Are we not to respect other people? Who gave the non-ticketed fans the right to storm the stadium like that? People don’t think before committing such acts or they would not commit them at all.

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We are disappointed in these so-called ‘Fans’ and we hope the actual fans get their refund so they may be able to enjoy the next game. Who knows, after this event, many would be disheartened to not ever attend a game again.

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