Sonya Hussyn, in her recent interview, opened up about the expression of love and how her views on love have changed over time.

Sonya Hussyn At Mazak Raat

The actress recently appeared as a guest on the show hosted by Imran Ashraf. During the interview, the actress opened up about falling in love at multiple points in one’s life. While discussing a statement given by the actress a few years ago which said that ‘a person can only fall in love once in their lifetime’, Ashraf asked Sonya if she had changed her thoughts about that.

‘I said this thing almost six years ago. I think a person can fall in love even later but the expression of first love is incomparable.’

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While talking about a relationship of love and hate, Imran asked if both love and hate can only happen once in a lifetime. Talking about the expression of hate Sonya mentioned that she believes there is no such thing as hate.

‘There’s no such thing as hate. You can dislike a person and what they have to say but for someone who has learned how to love, I don’t think they can ever hate anyone.’

The actress who has previously been married and divorced mentioned that no one should waste their life after one bad experience.

‘I think life is beautiful and one should never waste it after one bad experience.’

For a detailed interview, check out the Mazak Raat episode mentioned in the link above.

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