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[Update: August 16th, 2021]: Do you remember the journalist, Imran Riaz Khan, and the episode where he exploited religion to victim-blame Noor Mukadam? It seems that the reason behind such a mindless stance is becoming clear. A person was able to link evidence and conclude that journalist Imran Riaz is a friend of the lawyer Mian Ali Ashfaq; the latter is appointed by the primary accused’s father.

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Now, Zakir, Zahir’s father, may have claimed to have broken ties with the son, but there have been speculations that they were party to hiding murder evidence.

In a recent development, the accused’s hearing that was held today led to another extension of the judicial remand; the remand will end on August 30th.

[Update: August 12th, 2021]: It seems digging a deeper hole is a routine occurrence for problematic Pakistanis. Remember Faryal Mehmood defending her body-shaming scandal with more controversial and insensitive statements for Hareem Farooq? Turns out, Journalist Imran Riaz is following suit in Noor Mukadam and Zahir Jaffer case.

Journalist Imran faced quite a lot of backlash for his victim-blaming statements in the case of Noor Mukadam. He said that because she wasn’t following Islamic teachings, a case like this was bound to happen.

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Journalist Imran Riaz follows up on his statement

After the uproar, he has, once again, taken to YouTube clarifying his stance. In the video, he says that ‘khooni liberals’ are carrying out propaganda against him and that he never held Noor, the victim, responsible for what happened to her.

Mr so-called journalist, can you really claim that you never said it even though you compared her number of calls with her father and with Zahir, and then went on saying that she was not following the Islamic way? Comparing the crime against humanity, the murder of Noor Mukadam, with a pandemic, COVID-19, he said that what he had meant was that the Islamic way and our family traditions keep the vulnerable members of the family protected. He further said that he was not justifying Zahir and that he should be punished but the root cause of the crime should be identified.

The root cause, Mr. Journalist, is not behayaai in universities, it is that the killer is the killer, case closed.


[August 10th, 2021]: Noor Mukadam died as a result of a gruesome murder. Zahir Jaffer, the primary accused, sits in jail for Noor’s murder awaiting trial. No punishment has yet been announced. This has given time to two sides emerging. There is one side that is rooting against Zahir and the other, in favor of him. Yes, there is a side rooting for Zahir, the side that thrives on victim-blaming; the side that emerges from toxic patriarchy.

It is this toxicity that you see Aurat March against. This toxicity that women protest again.

Journalist Imran Riaz Khan Victim Blames Noor

If you want to take a look at toxic patriarchy firsthand, just take a look at this video. In the video, you will see Journalist Imran Riaz Khan making vile comments about Noor, the murder victim in the ongoing high-profile case.

This video will show you how patriarchy became toxic. This video will also show you that in order to justify the legitimacy of patriarchy, men can become insensitive to the degree that they begin justifying gruesome murder. It shows that by extension what they mean is those women who do not accept patriarchs are punishable by death.

What do netizens say?

As expected, tons of people were supporting him. But thankfully, there were netizens who were angry at the journalist for victim-blaming someone who has died.

Contradiction in statements 

Self-proclaimed advocates of religion have always used it as a tactic to negate the experiences of those not on their sides. It is funny, however, that these advocates themselves are not as religious as they pretend to be. A case in point, or rather two, would be the Muftis involved with Qandeel Baloch and in the child molestation charges.

Of course, we can not look over the fact that this could, very well, be a publicity stunt. It has been made clear, time and again, that in Pakistan, you do not need the claims of feminism to become popular but claims of being religious. So it could be that this ‘no name’ journalist who you did not even hear before is now craving for spotlight using Noor’s murder.

The question is, will Pakistanis make him the hero they made of Khalil Ur Rehman Qamar. Then again, the moment they supported Khalil Ur Rehman, a Zahir Jaffer was born. But let’s keep an eye on the masses’ sentiments, shall we?

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