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Pakistani model and actress, Faryal Mehmood, has a number of projects to her name. With her extrovert nature and not filtering most of what she says under the umbrella of being real, she gets wrapped up in controversies as well. Invited to Time Out With Ahsan Khan, she was asked to address some of her controversies, one of which further spiraled out of control.

Body shaming incident

Ahsan Khan asked Faryal about the body-shaming statement for Hareem. Faryal started explaining the technicalities of it. She said that when asked a question in yet another show, Mazaak Raat, she answered in a way that excluded Hareem. The question was that if she had a car that had three empty spaces and she had four people with her, who would she not invite in the car? The options had three of her friends and Hareem, which is why she excluded the latter.

It was all fine until Faryal went on and commented (which she calls a ‘small joke’) that it’s because Hareem is fat and she would not fit. First of all, how can you make a joke about someone you say is not your friend?

Here’s the video

Anyway, Faryal did not stop there and went on to defend herself by saying there was no need for anyone to get offended. Why? Because she has been body-shamed so she understands body shaming.

Excuse me? Just because you have been through body shaming, does it give you the license to do that? Which book says that?

She also adds that since she has been body-shamed, and was able to get slimmer so it is no rocket science. Hareem can also do it.

Honey, you are digging a deeper hole!

Sonya Hussyn and Faryal Mehmood

Going back to the incident when Faryal says she was body-shamed, she names Sonya as the perpetrator. Faryal finds it a case of professional jealousy. Clarifying what had happened, Faryal said that she and Sonya had worked on projects together but later she replace Sonya. After that, not only did Sonya refuse to recognize Faryal on two shows she was invited to but also body-shamed Faryal.

Considering Faryal has gone through a similar incident herself, it is an extremely irresponsible statement that she made about Hareem.

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Faryal and Daniyal Raheal Marital Status

Time Out With Ahsan Khan, it seems, has been a hub of revelations. In the episode with Faryal, it was also revealed that Faryal is single. Earlier, when there were rumors about their (Faryal Mehmood and Daniyal Raheal’s) separation, the model had come forward to reject them saying they had different schedules given their work commitments, but all was good.

Now, she has announced at the show that she is single and she does not want to delve further into this.

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While the actress wants people to respect her privacy and not be discussed when it relates to her private matters, she can openly ‘joke’ about someone she is not even friends with? Not only is the joke extremely irresponsible but she further defended herself saying Hareem can always get thin, as a counter statement. This is some double standard.

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