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The hype of the Noor Mukadam case has somewhat faded away much to the disappointment of Noor’s family. On July 20th, Noor died brutally, allegedly at the hands of Zahir Jaffar. She was assaulted, raped, murdered, beheaded, and her dead body and head was kicked around.

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Noor Mukadam Case

In the beginning, most Pakistanis were actively following the developments in the case. Probably that is why Zahir Jaffer was arrested on-site and has stayed in physical and judicial remand ever since. But when more trending incidents occurred like that of Minar-e-Pakistan, the Noor Mukadam case took a backseat. The decreased interest by the public – could that have delayed justice? We do not know. But Noor Mukadam’s sister sure has spoken up.

Noor Mukadam’s sister

The sister said that while they are going through unimaginable loss, they want to ensure, no other family has to endure similar suffering. For this reason, they have arranged for a candlelight vigil in front of the Islamabad Press Club from 4:30 pm to 7 pm on September 22, right before the hearing. The idea is to register support for the cause so that authorities take swift action against the accused.

Having a vigil right before that tells the authority that we have not forgotten Noor. This is more of a reason why a huge crowd needs to turn up. The larger the crowd, the more the impact.

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Power to Noor’s family

Considering the amount of loss, Noor’s family has faced, it is empowering to see the family stand firm in the face of the rich and the powerful, and stand their ground. As they stay and protest against delayed justice, hopefully, action will be taken. And when it does, it will serve as a reminder to all the potential Zahir Jaffers who have the tendency to exploit their privilege. They will have to think a thousand times before committing criminal acts. But to get there, we need to do something now!

We need to rally behind the family of Noor Mukadam and register our voice against crime. In case we choose to not do it, even now when Noor is beheaded and her killer still alive, then the death of the next Noor Mukadam will be on us.

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