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Disclaimer: This article contains information regarding the murder of Noor Mukadam, and the primary accused Zahir Jaffer, which may be distressing to some readers.

[Update: December 6th, 2021]: The man who is indeed responsible for a man like Zahir Jaffer to be sent into the world if not directly responsible for the murder of Noor Mukadam does not seem as under the stress as he should be. Ever since Noor died, Zahir had been in custody. But soon his parents were also remanded for obstructing justice and not calling the police when informed of the crime. It was said that had Zakir Jaffer informed authorities on time, Noor might just have been alive.

Zakir Jaffer spotted in a video

However, soon the media spotlight was taken off from Zakir and solely focused on Zahir Jaffer. Did this give Zakir a chance to spread his wings? One cannot say but a video surfaced that shows Zakir handing something to an old man. Now, since it is a court area, there cannot be any beggers in the vicinity. And even if there are, he cannot have any funds on him in custody, right?

The questions that remain then, did he have money on him? How?

Did he give that out as a bribe?

If he has access to funds and is bribing this openly, does he have access to luxuries inside the jail as well?



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[Update: December 1st, 2021]: Another development in the Noor Mukadam case has come forward. More than four months after the brutal murder of Noor and various dramas that included CCTV footage leak, Zahir Jaffer has now appealed for mental instability.

One should note though that this angle was raised once earlier as well and the police had assured that Zahir was in his complete senses when they arrested him. Sikandar Zulqarnain, the accused’s lawyer has asked the court to medically assess his condition for themselves. The fact that he was thrown out of the courtroom twice, will that serve as a point in his favour? We are yet to know.

[Update: November 9th, 2021]: Considering how, for a trial, both parties have to share the evidence they plan to make their case with, the defendant side in the Zahir Jaffer and Noor Mukadam case had asked for the CCTV footage. Instead of the footage, they have been provided with the transcript of the footage.

Using the transcript, a local publication mapped out what was observed in the video.

Facts from the CCTV footage

  1. According to the transcript, Noor entered the household on July 18th at 10:18 pm. She was on the phone.
  2. Watchman Iftikhar was in the video.
  3. At 2:40 am, Zahir and Noor exit the house in a taxi waiting for them and then re-enters the house.
  4. Another clip shows Noor running barefoot to the main gate but the watchman shut the gate.
  5. Zahir appeared and dragged her back inside.
  6. At 2:46 am, the accused and the victim get into the taxi.
  7. At 2:52 am, they return to the house.
  8. At 7:12 pm, Noor jumped from the first floor with her phone.
  9. She hobbled to the gate where the watchman and gardener shut the door.
  10. Zahir Jaffer also jumped from the first-floor terrace.
  11. He took her to the cabin within the house and snatched the phone.
  12. At 8:06 pm, TherapyWorks team enters.
  13. At 8:42 pm, they attempt to enter the house.
  14. At 8:55 pm, the team exits with an injured person.

[Update: November 3rd, 2021]: In the Zahir Jaffer-Noor Mukadam case, another trial took place on 3rd November 2021. However, midway in the trial when things were not going his way, the accused started screaming at the judge.

The judge ordered the accused to be escorted out and that’s when Zahir Jaffer began to get physically violent. The police were forced to haul the accused by the chains and the handcuffs.

[Update: October 18th, 2021]: Zahir Jaffer’s mother Asmat Adamjee has finally been granted bail after being held in remand since the Noor Mukadam case picked up hype.

In the charge sheet used to indict the 12 suspects, it said that the parents of the suspect knew of kidnapping and yet, did not inform the police.

Such a decision will surely antagonise the public rooting for life imprisonment of parents. It can also make one wonder if the authorities released Asmat after the hype cooled off, would they also release Zahir?

[Update: October 18th, 2021]: Zahir Jaffer case that was slowly making progress had a few surprising revelations. The charge sheet presented in the court which the 12 indicted individuals have yet to sign indicates that Noor was a captive for three days; from July 18th to July 20th.

The charge sheet has, in total 14 charges. The main suspect, Zahir Jaffer is indicted for murder, severing, kidnapping, confining, and raping. The watchman Iftikhar and Jan Muhammad, the gardener, stopped Noor from escaping when she jumped out of the window. The parents, the court says, committed the crime of not telling the police. They informed Tahir Zahoor who sent his team and committed the crime of not telling the police. The charge sheet also claims that the team sent by Tahir Zahoor was tasked with destroying evidence to help Zahir evade legal charges.

[Update: October 14th, 2021]: The key accused, Zahir Jaffer, was formally charged for the crime by an Islamabad court on Thursday.

The other accused against whom charges were framed included Zahir’s three household employees Iftikhar, Jan Muhammad, and Jameel, Therapy Works CEO Dr. Tahir Zahoor Ahmed, and five of his employees.

During the trial, Zahir kept interrupting the session claiming that Noor presented herself as a sacrifice which he said ‘was permissible in Islam’. Hence, he claimed he should be set free. If not that, he should be hanged to death because he did not want to go back to jail.

He said: “I do not want to die behind bars. I should be married; I should have kids.”

To the victim’s father, he said he wouldn’t mind if Shaukat killed him.

Zahir said in the court that if people wanted to see him hanged, he was ready for it.

Public confession

In a video circulating on the internet, Zahir Jaffer talked with the press outside the court on Thursday and said, “It happened from my hands and she (Noor) tried first and then I killed her with a knife.”

He also went on to say that his dad, Zakir Jaffer, had asked him to get rid of Noor’s body.

Here’s the video:

[Update: October 7th, 2021]: On July 20th, Noor Mukadam was murdered. Soon after, the primary accused was arrested as well as his parents and other probable accomplices. Since then, they are in custody.

Due to be held on October 6th, the lawyers of the suspect raised the point that they had not been told about the evidence against them. As a result, the hearing was deferred to be held today.

The Additional Sessions Judge Ata Rabbani made the announcement that they will carry out the indictment for all 12 suspects on October 14th, 2021.

What is beyond imagination is the primary accused’s audacity. Midway into the proceeding, Zahir Jaffer got permission to speak and he said, “I apologize!”

He has the audacity to apologize while Noor lies dead in the grave.

[Update: September 29th, 2021]: The trial proceedings have finally started. In the last week’s session, Zahir Jaffer refused to sign the challan saying he wants the document in English. Well, it turns out, his parents tried for the bail plea as well. The Islamabad High Court (IHC) has rejected it. They have also directed the trial court to wind up the case in eight weeks.

[Update: September 23th, 2021]: The case hearing for the Noor Mukadam case took place today on 23rd September 2021. This was a follow-up of the September 9th hearing when the police submitted the challan which was termed flawed by experts. Additional Sessions Judge Ata Rabbani was presiding over the hearing. After continuous delays, it was expected that the judge will indict all the suspects today. However, Judge Ata Rabbani has given yet another date, October 6th, for officially charging the suspects.

12 people in total are expected to be indicted – The primary suspect, Zahir Jaffer, his parents Zakir Jaffer and Asmat Adamjee, and three household staff Iftikhar, Jan Muhammad, and Jameel. Aside from these six, there are six more suspects who were granted baile earlier, the Therapy Works employees: Tahir Zahoor, Amjad, Dilip Kumar, Abdul Haq, Wamiq, and Samar Abbas.

We have yet to see the judge’s verdict.

[Update: September 11th, 2021]: Murder case of Noor Mukadam has been constantly revealing new and scary details. One such detail is that Zahir Jaffer was more than just involved in hiding evidence. The police submitted the first challan which included this information alongside the fact that Zahir had confessed to the murder infront of the police.

To elaborate further, Zahir informed his father, Zakir Jaffer that he has murdered Noor. Upon this, Zakir told him not to worry and that he is sending men who can dispose of Noor’s body. The police claims that had he not said this, the murder could have been prevented. Does this imply that Noor was not dead the moment Zahir claimed her to be? And did he kill after getting reassurance from the father? Only time will tell.

The challan also says that the victim, Noor Mukadam made six attempts to save her life.

[Update: September 9th, 2021]: Noor Mukadam murder case has kept the nation glued to news portals. The fact that such a gruesome murder can happen even in the federal capital has scared the people and they want a speedy trial to feel safe again. Keeping this sentiment in their eyes, the authorities have transferred the case to Special Court.

The police submitted the challan for the case and the court has already summoned all the people involved, on September 23rd. This means that Zahir Jaffer, Zakir Jaffer, Asmat Adamjee, their house help, and TherapyWorks employees will all be presented in the court on the assigned date.


[Update: September 7th, 2021]: Police termed Zahir Jaffer as the murderer after completing their investigations. Now, the ball is in the court (pun intended). But will justice be served? It seems questionable at this point!

Why? Because earlier when the police were conducting their investigations, the media had kept them on their foot. The pressure was such that within two months, the police completed their end of the work and handed it over to the judiciary. However, it seems that the pressure will not continue anymore and the privileged will be able to evade the blame.

zahir jaffer
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It became clear when Asmat Adamjee, Zahir Jaffer’s mother instructed a journalist to delete a video taken outside the court and then ordered a policeman to aid her which he did.

Zahir Jaffer also threw a tantrum that his privacy was being invaded. If the reporters are actively being stopped from covering important news and if the police is helping the accused, how hopeful are you that the country will hold Noor Mukadam’s killers accountable?

[Update: September 6th, 2021]: CEO TherapyWorks, Tahir Zuhoor addressed a press conference on Saturday to clarify their involvement, or rather no involvement, in Noor’s case. He said that Zahir Jaffer was an alcoholic and they had at numerous times asked his parents to have him admitted.

Understandable, but if you were that aware, why did you allow him to keep giving counseling to others?

Tahir Zuhoor reveals details about Zahir Jaffer

Dr. Tahir also said that they visited Zahir on his father’s indication where they found the door locked; bystanders said that the door was locked for two days. With the accused’s father’s approval, they broke and entered the house where they found the dead body. He said that when they informed the father about it, he did not quiver with what had transpired. Instead, he just said that Zahir must have been under alcohol influence.

Ruthless! Zakir Jaffer should also be punished for this. But now that you are coming forward with this Mr. Zuhoor it sounds like you are trying to save your skin. Tell us, who did you inform first when you saw Noor’s body? Zakir Jaffer or the police?

[Update: September 2nd, 2021]: The police had arrested Zahir Jaffer’s gardener, Jan Muhammad, and others in the murder case and sent him to Adiala Jail on judicial remand. After the murder took place, Jan Muhammad had fled to his village Manshera.

On Thursday, in his bail petition, Jan Muhammad said that he worked as a gardener at Zahir Jaffer’s house. Moreover, he added that he was not involved in this case. He pleaded the court to grant him bail in Noor Mukadam’s murder case.

Hearing the petition, Additional District and Sessions Judge Muhammad Sohail issued notices to both sides and sought replies on September 3. Meanwhile, the judge adjourned the hearing till September 3.

[Update: August 31st, 2021]: While the police concluding their investigation of Noor Mukadam by labeling Zahir as the culprit came as a sigh of relief for many, the latest development has shaken Pakistanis. The development tells how the privileged will stay privileged and will get access to facilities, an ordinary person wouldn’t.

US Consulate talks to Zahir Jaffer

Zahir Jaffer is currently being held at Adiala Jail due to the judicial remand. Continuously, the remand was getting extended making people worry quite a lot about justice. Just yesterday, the most recent extension was announced. This time, it is to last until September 6th. It gave the accused the time to get in contact with the US consulate. While the consulate had promised to not interfere in the case proceedings, it was brought to light that they had been actively trying to get in touch with Zahir.

They got permission from the Interior Ministry and today, on Tuesday 31st August, Zahir Jaffer had a 25-minute conversation with them on the phone.

[Update: August 30th, 2021]: On August 28th, the Police finally concluded all of their investigations and termed Zahir Jaffer guilty of murdering Noor Mukadam. They were to submit the challan in front of the sessions court in Islamabad.

Judicial remand extended

The sessions court was held on 30th August as the earlier stated judicial remand of Zahir Jaffer expired. In the session proceeding today, the court has further extended the judicial remand of the accused. It will now expire on September 6th. What happened in the proceeding and why has the judicial remand extended instead of the punishment being served; this is a question we will get to know only later.

[Update: August 28th, 2021]: Zahir Jaffer has finally been found guilty of the murder of Noor Mukadam. This decision came later than expected but comes as a sigh of relief for all those Pakistanis who were scared that justice may get manipulated to accommodate the riches.

However, at this point, it is only that Zahir was found guilty; no punishment has been served yet. For now, the Police have submitted the challan that strict punishment should be assigned to the killer. Moreover, the accomplices should also get strictly penalized. This challan will be presented at the session court in Islamabad next week.

[Update: August 26th, 2021]: The case of Noor Mukadam keeps getting delayed and the remand of Zahir Jaffer keeps getting extended. This is leading to built-up stress in the lives of the people. But the most stressed is probably the victim’s parents. And why would they not be? Delayed justice seems like a conspiracy to somehow save the accused.

Noor’s parents when talking to a journalist said that they are dejected and worried. They want high-ups to get involved at this point.

[Update: August 24th, 2021]: 9 days after it made the news that the owner and 5 workers of the rehab center Zahir Jaffer was taking and giving therapy at were arrested, a new development has been seen. The 6 people have been granted bail. Is it because of insufficient evidence or that Pakistanis got distracted by the Minar e Pakistan incident, we will not know?

The fact of the matter, however, is that the media is no more able to pressurize the justice system into ensuring Noor’s culprits are held accountable. We will have to see if Zahir Jaffer and his parents will see a similar lax attitude or not.

[Update: August 15th, 2021]: Following the detainment of the gardener, the authorities have made some more arrests. The recent arrests are of the owner and workers of a certain rehab centre, Zahir was allegedly working at.

According to the very first narrative that has remained consistent ever since the murder was that the primary accused’s mother mobilized the team at the rehab centre to go and ‘handle the situation.’ They arrived before the police and tackled the accused. The murder had already happened by then. However, they did not inform the authorities. This is why, the team has been arrested for facilitating the murderer. Local channels have reported that according to the police, the owner of the rehab centre and five of its workers, were party to hiding evidence on the orders of the accused’s parents.

[Update: August 14th, 2021]: Many Pakistanis are still unable to understand why Zahir Jaffer has not been sentenced when there is irrefutable evidence against him. While most of us are not well-versed with the law, our guess is that the authorities want to investigate every avenue of the murder case and punish every individual involved. This becomes apparent when Zahir’s judicial remand was further extended even after the forensic report confirms him to have raped and killed Noor.

In the recent development, it turns out that there are more insensitive people involved who were party to the crime. The primary accused’s gardener, Jan Mohammad, is said to have helped the accused in trying to hide Zahir Jaffer’s vile actions. Kohsar Police Station summoned the gardener where he is claiming to have no involvement. He said that he did visit the house on the day of the murder but left before it occurred.

[Update: August 12th, 2021]: After quite an uproar on social media on the ruthless killer of Noor Mukadam getting preferential treatment, it seems jail authorities are trying to counter their actions. Considering netizens lashed out when he was taken to PIMS after complaining of a mere headache, jail authorities are now seen telling publications that the accused of Noor is being served jail food.

Isn’t that how it should be?

The prison authorities have also mentioned that to ensure Zahir does not commit suicide, they are not providing him with toothbrush. Pakistanis may argue that there is no point in obstructing at least Zahir Jaffer’s suicide, but suicide will be an easy way out because death by suicide won’t be as humiliating as being executed.

In the meantime, journalists are revealing their investigations. According to them, the police have stated that Zahir Jaffer has confessed to his parents knowing about the murder. They even helped in trying to hide the body.

Zahir Jaffer has to appear before the court on August 16th, at the end of his judicial remand period. Let’s see if his remand will be further extended or if he will be finally sentenced.

[Update: August 11th, 2021]: Even after several days from the brutal murder of Noor Mukadam, the primary accused remained in judicial remand without getting punished. Today, on Wednesday, Noor’s forensic report has been released. The report says that Noor was raped before she was murdered. It has been confirmed through the samples collected from the accused that he raped her. Moreover, his fingerprints were also found on the murder weapon.

Noor Mukadam also had her throat slit open by a sharp-edged weapon. The murderer, then, severed her head. The forensic report also mentions that the victim had the worst torture marks on her chest.

Let’s see how long it will now take for justice to be served.

[Update: August 9th, 2021]: According to sources, a district and sessions court in Islamabad has extended the judicial remand of the parents of Zahir Jaffer, the prime suspect, till Monday, August 23, 2021. This means that they will remain imprisoned at Adiala Jail.

The extension was sought following the expiry of their previous two-week remand which was announced on July 27. After judicial magistrate Naseeruddin granted a fresh extension of remand today, the suspects are now set to remain in Adiala Jail for another 14 days.

“The way the things have gone through leads me to observe that there is reasonable ground to believe that petitioners/accused have committed non-bailable offences. As such, I am not inclined to grant bail to the petitioners/accused and consequently, the instant post-arrest bail application is hereby dismissed,” copy of the detailed court judgment read.

Why do you think they keep extending the judicial remand? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

[Update: August 6th, 2021]: Zahir Jaffer is currently being held in judicial remand and was taken to PIMS for a mere headache. After the uproar on social media regarding the accused of Noor Mukadam getting preferential treatment, another announcement has come to light. The Jail Minister has ordered the jail authorities to rescind all the preferential facilities given to Zahir. Moreover, he has also been shifted to solitary confinement at Adiala Jail.

With this announcement, can we now expect to hear Zahir not getting home-cooked food and find him not looking this pristine?

[Update: August 5th, 2021]: A number of Pakistanis were closely following the gruesome murder of Noor Mukadam only to ensure that the suspect gets the punishment he deserves. Unfortunately, the legal proceedings keep getting delayed which is leading to the waning interest in people.

Zahir Jaffer taken to hospital

Could this be that the influentials are trying to delay the matter so that everyone forgets about it and then let the suspected murderer go with a shortened sentence? We do not know that. But we do know that the primary accused, being the son of an influential family, is enjoying the privileged treatment. Zahir Jaffer, the accused in question, complaint of a mere headache and was taken to a hospital for a checkup.

Considering this happened two days ago and you did not see it much on media is proof why we need to keep talking about Noor Mukadam. The moment we stop talking, the influentials will start getting away with something as cruel as murder and decapitation.

[Update: August 4th, 2021]: On Wednesday, during a local court hearing on the post-arrest bail petition of the parents of Zahir Jaffer, the suspect’s father, said, “We are not with our son, we stand with the victim’s family.”

Moreover, the parents’ counsel, Rizwan Abbasi, appraised the court that his clients were made part of the case on the basis of the suspect, Zahir Jaffer’s statement.

Rizwan Abbasi stated that his clients were unaware of the incident, adding that neither did they hide nor provide any wrong information to the authorities.

However, the public prosecutor also told the court that the suspect was in contact with his mother during that time but she did not tell the police.

Abbasi then replied and said that the telephonic contact between Zahir and his mother is not a crime to which the public prosecutor said that the pistol which was recovered from the suspect was issued under the name of the suspect’s father, Zakir Jaffer.

He also added that the suspect had made phone calls to his father and mother at around 3 pm on July 20. It was the time when Noor Mukadam was with Zahir Jaffer, the lawyer said, adding that later she had been killed.

However, people are questioning Zahir’s parents after their recent statement on how they stand with Noor Mukadam’s family and not their son.

[Update August 2nd, 2021]: The accused, Zahir Jaffer was under physical remand for another two days. Authorities presented him in court. As part of the legal proceedings, the prosecutor told the court that they did not need the accused in physical custody anymore because their investigations were complete. However, the judge, Magistrate Shaista Khan Kundi said that there was nothing like a complete investigation, not for now at least.

She said that the police will continue bringing supplementary challan for the accused so it is better that the accused stays in judicial custody. Hence, Zahir will stay in jail for 14 days.

Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed said that they will not have the suspect in Noor Mukadam’s case be killed in police encounter.

[Update August 1st, 2021]: Pakistanis had been waiting for Prime Minister Imran Khan to comment on the case of Noor, and their wish was finally answered. Prime Minister has ensured that he keeps in contact with the ordinary public through telephonic conversations. During one such call, the caller asked the PM about the recent high profile murder. PM Khan commented that justice will indeed be served. He said that Noor’s killer will not be spared and it will not matter if he has dual nationality or not.

Here is the video:

[Update July 31st, 2021]: While speaking to the media, Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed commented on Noor Mukadam’s case. After confirming the victim’s name, he said that the culprit will not be spared no matter what the situation.

He even said that, if in his hands, he would have shot and killed the person responsible already.

But he also requested the media to not give the case much attention. Referring to his time in the jail, he said that the criminals he encountered there thrive on media attention. Hence, the media should not be giving them what they want.

Here’s the video:

While he may be right, can we, as media people, really do that? Can we do this knowing that influential criminals can get out of situations if media is not forcing their hands?

[Update July 30th, 2021]: In recent development, the last message of Noor was finally revealed. She reportedly had said that her family should not look for her or contact the police if they wanted to see her alive.

The same sources have said that Zahir had maltreated her for the past two years on several occasions. He also had problems with her religious leanings.

[Update July 30th, 2021]: Taken under heavy security, Zahir Jaffer reached Lahore on 30th July 2021. There, the experts conducted forensic analysis on evidence and Zahir’s polygraph test. The accused was asked a total of 20 questions. According to a local news channel, he even pretended to have fainted during the test.

[Update July 30th, 2021]: Just in – aside from being taken to Lahore where the video evidence is getting forensically analyzed, Zahir will also be undergoing a polygraph test today, Thursday. While the findings from the test itself are not admissible in court, the test can help the investigators choose the investigation route.

Moreover, in a conference by the police held on Thursday, 30th July, it was announced that they will not be making key findings of the case public at this stage. The police said that this was due to privacy concerns and also because the case was still ongoing.

[Update July 30th, 2021]: It has already been ten days since the murder of Noor, daughter of the ex-ambassador to South Korea. As the case proceeds with the prime accused in physical remand, several revelations are being brought to light. These revelations are, at most times, based on facts uncovered during the police and the journalists’ investigations, but at other times, these are mere speculations.

Accused makes several calls before getting arrested

A l,ocal news channel has cited that after the murder, Zahir made several calls to try and get out of the situation. The first call, lasting for 46 seconds, was to his father, Zakir Jaffer. After that, he called his father’s friend with whom he talked for 5 minutes.

According to the same channel, Zahir asked the man to come to his rescue because ‘robbers had broken into his house’. Smelling something fishy because never had Zahir called him before, the friend contacted Zakir and said that he needed to check up on his son.

The next call, channel cites, was from the accused’s father to the therapy organization Zahir was getting his therapy from. The father told the doctors to hurry because ‘Zahir was trying to solicit’ a girl. All this time, Zakir (the accused’s father) knew that Noor was dead.

Zahir suspected doctors were going to drug him

The primary accused, made several calls to his friends as well. One of them was a female friend whom he asked to come quick and with her guards because it was a ‘life or death situation’. When the friend insisted on details, he said that his mother and his doctor were going to inject something in him and he needed to escape that.

Could it be that the accused’s mother was trying to institutionalize him to find a lenient way out of the situation?

[Update July 29th, 2021]: Some more details have surfaced regarding the Noor Mukadam murder case. A local publication, The News has revealed the information which follows Noor Mukadam and Zahir Jaffer’s steps before the murder.

In these revelations, you find that Zahir had booked a one-way ticket to the US on July 7th. He had booked a taxi to take him from the house. The taxi arrived at 11 pm on July 19th. Almost an hour later, he called the taxi driver to leave. By 2:15 am, he contacted the driver again to pick him up. When the driver came back, Noor and Zahir allegedly both came to the car. Noor was barefooted at the time.

They get into the taxi but few minutes in, Zahir asked the driver to turn the taxi around as he believed he was too late already. At 2:35 am, the taxi dropped them back to Zahir’s house.

[Update July 29th, 2021]: It is no secret that to fight a case, you need to be able to afford it. The lawyers’ fee and whatnot are included in the expenses which pool up to quite a lot in no time. To support Noor’s family as they fight for justice, the friends of the victim have started a GoFundMe page.

Noor Mukadam Case – GoFundMe

Considering fake donation drives emerge to exploit people’s emotions, those willing to donate in the name of Noor were confused about which one to believe in. This is why the official Twitter account for the case, managed by the victim’s family and legal team, has chosen to verify the donation drive’s legitimacy. They said that while the family did not start the donation drive, the friends did. The money obtained will be used in the legal proceedings. Any surplus amount will be donated to similar causes.

So, if you want to donate and help Noor’s family, you do so through the above-mentioned platform.

[Update July 28th, 2021]: After consecutively extending physical remand twice, the court has done it once again and this time, it has been extended for three days. The reason that the counsel presented was that the video evidence recovered needs to be forensically analyzed and for that, the primary accused [Zahir Jaffer] needs to be present in Lahore.

Even though Zahir’s lawyer argued against it but the government’s counsel countered it through past examples; In Usman Mirza’s case, the accused was present during forensic analysis.

The magistrate has ordered the police to present the accused on 31st July 2021, at the end of the physical remand duration.

[Update July 28th, 2021]: As we heard people discuss the gruesome murder of Noor Mukadam, the speculation that troubled almost everyone was that US embassy might help Zahir leave the country. The belief strengthened when Zahir kept reiterating he is an American citizen. But when a murder is this high profile and the news of which has transcended international boundaries, then the dynamics change.

Yesterday, the US Embassy officials met with Zahir in police’s presence and the tweet that followed was unimaginable. In the tweet, they said that while they can check up on the well-being of their citizen, they cannot affect the court proceedings in the matter.

[Update July 27th, 2021]: When you are finally faced with the consequences of your actions after growing up believing you will never have to, reality hits different. It is then you try everything in your power to get out of it. Zahir Jaffer is clearly doing the same.

After his arrest, he started speaking incoherently to make it seem like he was mentally challenged. The police dealt with that by saying Zahir was coherent in speech upon arrest. Claim at fault, he had to let go of the attempt. Following that, he changed his motive for murdering Noor, several times. But now, he has allegedly settled on just one.

The motive, as apparent, is curated with external help to exploit the mentality of majority Pakistanis who still justify murder of women through the phrase, honour killing. Extending the same phenomenon to involve romantic relationships, Zahir is saying he killed Noor because she was cheating on him.

[Update July 27th, 2021]: Aside from recovering other evidence, the police have been successful in being able to find Zahir Jaffer’s phone as well. According to the preliminary investigation, the police have apparently come across multiple torture videos involving women. They have now sent the phone to the forensic unit for further investigations.

Zahir is set to be presented at the court tomorrow, 28th July 2021, with the newly found evidence and his confession to the crime.

[Update July 26th, 2021]: With the physical remand extension of two days, Police increased its efforts to gather evidence and their diligence has clearly paid off. They were able to recover video evidence of Zahir torturing Noor. In the evidence, sources suggest, you can see Noor attempting her escape as well where she jumped from the air shaft.

We do not know if it was because the pressure built up on Zahir as the evidence began emerging or because he just felt like it, but he has finally confessed to the brutal murder of the 27-year-old, Noor Mukadam.

[Update July 26th, 2021]: 

In recent update to the case, Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed has announced that Zahir Jaffer has been added to PNIL, Provisional National Identification List. His father and all the suspected accomplices have joined him. These names will be presented to the cabinet this week to be put on the ECL.

He assured Pakistani population that no leniency will be shown to the suspects.

[Update July 26th, 2021]: In the most recent update to Zahir-Noor case, the suspect’s physical remand has been extended by two days. The police have stated that they have recovered a pistol from Zahir’s possession. They wanted to extend the remand in order to find Zahir’s mobile phone. The court has granted their appeal and the suspect is now supposed to be presented in the court on the 28th of July, 2021.

With the whole nation closely following the case proceedings, could it be that the situation is being systematically delayed and when the nation calms down a bit, the elites will then be able to use their influence in manipulating, media, evidence, and the law?

[Update July 26th, 2021]: As new information regarding Noor Mukadam & Zahir Jaffer case comes to light, it sends a shiver down the spine every single time. The recent shiver was for one of the reasons as to why the servants and parents of Zahir were arrested.

According to the police, Noor had tried to escape Zahir by jumping from the air shaft. The servants, Iftikhar and Jameel, saw that and informed the parents. But the four of them did nothing whatsoever to tackle that situation. In the meantime, Zahir came outside and dragged Noor back into the house.

Zahir Jaffer’s Parents & Therapy Works

Seeing the situation spin out of control, Zahir’s parents have dissociated themselves from their son saying that they want justice to be served and that they got to know about the incident way later.

As the blame game of Therapy Works and Zakir Jaffer continues, the former says in a leaked video that the parents got to know about it way before the kidnapping happened. However, they chose to bring them into the loop hours later. By that time, the murder had already happened. They also reveal that not too long ago, in late 2019, Zahir had hosted a party where four girls were found dead.

[July 25th, 2021]:

A recent development in the Noor Mukadam case has been made. According to the police, the killer tortured the victim with a knuckleduster before beheading her.  A request has been sent by the police investigation wing to put the killer on the provincial National Identification list. In light of the recent development, the police have extended the two-day remand of the murderer.

Parents of Zahir Jaffer arrested

Meanwhile, the police have arrested the parents and household staff for hiding evidence and being complicit in the crimes. FIR has also been lodged against them on abetment. In another news leaked audio of Therapy Works, shows that Zahir Jaffer was a therapist for students. He had conducted lectures and counseling sessions in leading schools under the employment ship of Therapy works. The police have also issued orders to seal Therapy Works.

Update [July 24th 2021]: There has been a new development in the recent Noor Mukadam case. The accused, Zahir Jaffer, has had his history investigated in UK and US. The details that have been revealed in the report are quite shocking. It seems that Zahir was deported from the UK. This was due to his involvement in sexual harassment and rape cases. The figure has not had a spot-free and clean record even before entering Pakistan.

Additionally, Zahir Jaffer has also been placed on the no-fly list so as to not return to the US due to having dual citizenship. His passport has been confiscated by the authorities. Apart from this, there have been some more revelations in the investigation. The victim had messaged her friends that she was being detained in his house against her wishes. When the friends showed up, they couldn’t enter Zahir’s house as it was locked. On top of that, Zahir stepped out on the balcony too, waving guns.

Image Source: The Pakistan Daily

When the staff members of ‘Therapy Works’ broke into the house, they found the beheaded body of the victim on the first storey of the house. Upon seeing the team, Zahir attacked one of the members with a sharp object, severely injuring them. Other staff members then overpowered him and tackled him to the ground, tying ropes.

The injured staff member is now alright but is under observation.

SSP Rehman has said that Zahir Jaffer was in his complete senses during the arrest. This tells us that there is no form of loss of senses present in this case. Finally, the autopsy report revealed that the victim died due to a lack of oxygen supply to the brain. There were stab wounds on the right temple and chest while the headless body also bore torture marks.

A friend of the victim called this a planned murder because Zahir was set to leave for the US on Wednesday.

[July 24th, 2021]: With the whole nation waiting to see if Zahir Jaffer will face the full wrath of the law, the case proceedings have been expedited. Moreover, it could also be that Zahir’s family is using its influence. Regardless, Zahir made an appearance at the court today and made a comment that shows no remorse for his heinous crime.

In the video, Zahir could be heard saying that he is an American citizen and his lawyer will take care of him.

But what is scarier is the questions of our journalists. As they follow, the suspected culprit, they do not question him about the murder and why did he feel that he could kill a woman, or who gave him that power. Instead, they ask whether Noor was his girlfriend or not.

Here’s the video:

[24 July 2021]: The Prime Minister’s Special Assistant in political communications, Shahbaz Gill, has shared the Premier’s involvement in the Noor Mukaddam case. The PM has asked the IGP of Islamabad to not make any concessions in probing the case. Moreover, it has been said that the PM is invested in the case and is keeping tabs on it as well. Imran Khan has also demanded a report after.

Imran Khan has also beseeched the opposition to stand in unison over this case. He also asked the courts to investigate the case on merit and meet all requirements of the law. Besides the Prime Minister, Shireen Mazari and Shaikh Rasheed are also personally invested in the case. 

Noor’s Father Speaks Up

After burying his daughter, Shaukat Mukaddam spoke to the press. Without releasing any details he spoke about his daughter and the situation. He refuses to believe Zahir Jaffer is a person with a mental disability. Mukaddam also called upon the police to investigate the parents as well.

Apparently, the gatekeeper witnessed the crime. “Had the police been called in time, my daughter would have been saved”, according to Mukaddam. Shaukat Mukaddam also said, “this is a clear cut case. The killer is standing right before us.”

Zahir Jaffer’s Name on The ECL

The authorities investigating the case have approached relevant agencies to ensure the murderer is placed on the Exit Control List. This is to ensure that Zahir is not able to abscond to the United States where he has dual citizenship.

Additionally, his criminal history from the United States and the United Kingdom is being extracted.

[June 23th, 2021]: As people further delve into the particulars of the murder, they begin uncovering crucial details about the suspects and the suspect’s family. As it turns out, the suspect was a diagnosed drug abuser. Moreover, he was getting rehab from the organization, TherapyWorks. His mother, Asmat, is a practicing therapist in Islamabad and his father, Zakir Jaffer is a Director at Ahmed Jaffar & Co.

Suspect’s family in the case of Noor Mukadam

The bigger the personality you are, the greater the responsibility you have. However, the speculations dictate that when the guard, in the apartment complex, saw the murder, he informed Zakir & Asmat instead of the police. The parents of the suspect, knowing about the murder, did not call the police. Instead, they called TherapyWorks to deal with the situation so they could make it seem like he is mentally unstable and the murder would be made to look like it was not premeditated.

Even though the suspect’s parents got involved much later, they should definitely be charged with aiding and abetting the murder suspect.

[July 22nd, 2021]:

Shaukat Mukadam, the father of the deceased, Noor Mukadam, has filed an FIR against Zahir Jaffer. The charge against Jaffer is 302, of premeditated murder under the Pakistan Penal Code.

Shaukat Mukaddam has shared details leading up to the murder. He had travelled to Rawalpindi on July 19 to purchase a sacrificial animal for Eid while his wife was running a few errands. Upon their return, they found their daughter absent with the phone unreachable. According to the FIR, Noor later revealed she was traveling to Lahore with colleagues and would return in a couple of days.

Following that, Mukadam received a call from Zahir on Tuesday in which he said Noor was not in his company. At 10 PM, Mukadam received a call from Kohsar Police Station calling him to Zahir’s home. They discovered, at Zahir’s home, that Noor had been “brutally murdered with a sharp-edged weapon and beheaded,” according to the FIR. Shaukat Mukadam had to identify his daughter’s body.

Noor has now been buried and her family is utilizing all possible resources to get justice for their daughter.

Eid is a joyful event, it must be. However, in the light of recent events, hearts feel heavy all around the country. On the eve of Eid-ul-Azha 2021, a young and innocent woman was brutally murdered for no apparent reason. 


Noor Mukadam, a 28-year-old woman residing in Islamabad, was murdered in her own home last night. She was also the daughter of the former ambassador to South Korea, Shaukat Mukadam. The news was brought to the public at the crack of dawn and since then social media has been set ablaze with the hashtag #JusticeforNoor.

This is currently a developing story with many details still undercover. So far, it has come to light that the murderer is named Zahir Jaffer. A prominent businessman working in the family-owned company, Ahmed Jaffer & Company Pvt. Ltd. It is being suggested that Noor Mukadam’s only fault was that she exercised her right to break up. Jaffer, who has been reported to be mentally unstable, has also been treated for violent behaviour in the past.

Developing Details *Trigger Warning*

There is also reliable information pertaining to the perpetrator’s efforts on fleeing the country. Deeply embedded corruption might hamper justice once again as the deceased’s family has been threatened.

The murder has particularly left the country shocked. It is reported that Jaffer first shot the victim and then proceeded to behead her. 

Social Media Is Raging

The story has broken many people’s hearts, especially women who feel Noor’s pain deeply. Many prominent personalities are also raising their voice for Noor Mukadam and her name trends on Twitter currently.

An Epidemic on The Rise

Noor’s close family and friends have shared posts in her honor. All those who speak of her have only kind and warm things to say. These words only make this day darker as people grapple with this horrifying news.


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What is additionally sparking rage is how this is the third gender-based violence incident in 3 days. How many more women do we have to ask justice for? This murder, in the most terrible of ways, makes it clear that we are suffering from an epidemic of violence against women.

So much so, that class differences are no longer a divide in gender-based violence incidents. The onus is now on the authorities to make sure Noor gets justice.

This is a developing story.

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