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Minister for Federal Education and Professional Training, Shafqat Mahmood has claimed of a misreporting and has denied the plans of eliminating O and A Levels from the education system in Pakistan.

Reportedly, Daily Times ran news with the title ‘Education Minister puts Finger on Trigger Against O, A level Education.’

They also quoted him saying:

As current education system has many other flaws, those direly needed to be mended due to which said the plan would be practised on next level but it will be done ultimately.

Providing education in our public sector institutions, in elite private schools and in madrassas, three are totally different from each other.

I am personally totally dissatisfied with the prevailing education system that contains several loopholes.

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Soon enough, this news started to spread and went viral in no time with several publications covering it. However, the minister took it to Twitter to clarify that it was misreporting.

He further stated “No plan to finish O level or A level. What I said that once we have been able to create a consensus on a single national curriculum, we would be in a position to consider a single national certification. May take a decade”.

This has created confusion over social media amongst parents and students equally. As of now, there are no plans to eliminate the O and A Level system in the country as of yet, whereas a single national certification is the aim and interest of the current government.

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