shahveer jaffry wedding
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Shahveer Jafry just tied the knot and naturally, it was an event with an insane amount of coverage. While that may have its perks, it also has its disadvantages. One of the latter is that everything is scrutinised and available to the public eye. In one of the pictures from his reception, something came to the knowledge of the public which has made them furious. Find out what the Youtuber is being criticised over on his wedding below.

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The Classist Sign outside Shahveer Jafry Wedding

In one of the pictures of Shahveer Jafry and his wife Ayesha, there is a huge sign in the background. That sign says something rather derogatory and shameful, and targets workers. The sign in question is one that says “NO DRIVERS, NO GUARDS” allowed inside the hall during the wedding function. Restricting the working class from being allowed inside the premises of an event of the elite is another level of low.

When the public saw this sign outside Shahveer Jafry’s wedding venue, they were not too pleased. Have a look at the sign:


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Angry Netizens

People called the newlyweds out for supporting this sort of classist behaviour. Is the security threat only from drivers and guards? Has the word today taught us nothing about how crime doesn’t only stem from the lower class? Moreover, excluding them like this is incredibly humiliating.

Making certain spaces only for the elite while others only for the poor isn’t very different from designating spaces for whites and blacks in the old days. Have a look at what the netizens are saying:

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shahveer Jafry wedding
Image Source: Instagram

What Does Shahveer Jafry Have To Say?

The Youtuber was obviously quick to respond to the criticism. After all, his reputation was on the line. However, we have to say that his defence was rather weak. How enamoured and enchanted do you have to be by the wedding that you simply don’t see the outside of the venue at all? It is not very believable that no one from his family and him included did not see the sign.

shahveer Jafry wedding
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Classist Culture

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It is also true that this isn’t the first time this has happened in Pakistan. We are unfortunately moving towards an incredibly class-divided society. This was first noticed in the Royal Palm club and after a huge amount of backlash, they took the sign down. Is backlash the solution to this kind of behaviour? Let us know what you think.

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