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Podcasts have been around a long time, but now the Pakistani YouTubers have jumped on the bandwagon. Here are some of the best Pakistani podcasts you need to tune in to:

1. Taimoor Salahuddin – Mooroo

Mooroo has made his name in the YouTube circle because of his videos that make people laugh, reflect and inspired all at once. Ranging on topics from love to business ideas, this guy has it all on his YouTube. He also has developed his own podcast channel and the content is just as genuine and captivating. He invites influential and inspirational people from the industry and simply lets the conversation flow.

2. Muzammil Hassan – TBT

Muzzamil Hassan is kind of like the Internet Guru of Pakistan. With over 66.7K subscribers on his YouTube channel, he’s creating unique, important, and helpful content in our daily lives. His podcast, ‘Thought Behind Things’ is where each episode deconstructs an idea, an event or any statement that is of public interest and decipher what’s really the thought behind those things!

3. Junaid Akram

This is another voice that Pakistan loves to hear and most importantly, listen to. Junaid Akram’s style of content is casual yet informative and he speaks on every topic under the sun.  He invites influential and inspirational people from all walks of life for his podcast channel and the conversations are worth listening to.

4. Ukhano

Umar Khan is also known as Ukhano made his name in the media industry with his vlogs and funny videos. He later also started a podcast channel where he invites renowned faces from the industry and opens up a platform.

5. Shahveer Jaffry

Shahveer Jaffry, most known for his prank videos and features in Zaid Ali’s videos has his own podcast channel too. The Honest Hour podcast has over 607K subscribers and has something for everyone. Have a look!

6. Mango Records

Mango Records is another podcast channel on YouTube made by people who want to create authentic content. They have a whole range of videos on games and other fun topics, both of which are equally entertaining. Subscribe now!

7. Humna Raza – Happy Chirp

Happy Chirp by Humna Raza is an amazing initiative. She invites women from all fields and encourages them to share their story so others can learn, be inspired and feel understood. Her hashtag #WhereWomenDoTheTalking captures the essence of her content!

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