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Pakistani channels’ morning shows are infamous for tapping into or kickstarting controversies almost every other day. Well, the popular host, Nida Yasir has landed herself in yet another controversy for an episode themed around saas-bahu. This time she had invited pairs of mother and daughter-in-law to talk about the issues they were having that led to fights.

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Viral clip of Nida Yasir show

The idea behind the saas-bahu talk may just be nice. People should indeed talk their problems out. Not talking about what they are struggling with leads to the wound festering. And that becomes the basis of the saas-bahu fights most of our Pakistani dramas are based on.

Well, Nida Yasir invited the pairs and told them to give their point of view of what might be the struggle and how the other person is falling into the expectation arena. In the clip, you can see the mother-in-law saying that she is not happy with her bahu being a working woman. She says that she was indeed looking for an educated and beautiful woman for her son but one who chooses to stay home. This statement in itself is numerous levels of problematic but let’s focus on the fact that Nadia raised the matter on a public platform.

Morning show content

What is terrifying is that not only were Pakistani dramas overflowing with the saas-bahu masala, now the morning shows will be rampant with it too. Nida is usually the initiator, and other morning shows follow suit. She used to have celebrities have pretend-weddings/. And when it wasn’t celebrities, she would have underprivileged people marry on her show. This sparked a whole theme of weddings on morning shows. Soon, everyone was doing it.

There was another instance where morning shows began having makeup artists prepare brides, or Mehendi artists applying bridal Mehendi. All of this, just for ratings? And now, to maintain ratings, the host invited saas-bahu to have a fight on-air; how low can the shows get?

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Netizens were not happy

The netizens on any platform the video was posted, were not happy. They expressed disgust at the idea behind these shows. But that also leads to one asking, if these many people are hateful of the content, why then are these shows getting TRPs; why do show creators get the opportunity to say, ‘But we get TRPs so, we’ll keep producing.’

Until when will we get such derogatory shows? The netizens are asking you, Nida!

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