The Twitter Is Having A Field Day After Nida Yasir Leaves The Guests Confused
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Do you know when they say that the internet keeps the receipts? Well, we have had a first-hand experience on this one. No one and absolutely no one can get away from the wrath of internet trolling. However, some people are more used to it than others, and Nida Yasir is one of them.

Nida Yasir has again become the victim of internet trolls thanks to her poorly researched and cringey interview. Her interview became the talk of the town after an old clip of her morning show resurfaced on the internet.

The Interview Guests 

Back in 2016, Nida invited two Nust students who invented a formula one racing car. The young men had developed the electric racing car and a group of people and were going to the Formula Student in the US. Despite being the interviewer, Nadia had no knowledge about the topic and hence started a series of dumb questions, which left the guests dumbfounded.

Please take a look at it, in case you haven’t already.

The Twitter Trolls 

As soon as the video went viral on the internet, netizens started questioning the research skills of the host. Since Nida couldn’t even comprehend the idea of a Formula car, she even went on to ask some weird questions from the guests.

However, trolls had a great time making fun, yet some were divided as to why this is such a big deal since it can happen to anyone.

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Let’s take a look at a few.

Some even suggested watching the interview if you can’t watch Money Heist. However, our suggestion? Even if you have watched it and still can’t get over the tragic ending, this clip will help you move on for sure.

At the same time, someone mentioned a similar instance which will definitely leave you in fits from laughter if you weren’t already.

However, some moved on to mention that it’s not her fault that she doesn’t know anything about the car because most of us don’t know either.

Yet, at the same time, being a talk show host, it is her responsibility to be aware of the topic she ough to discuss and nonetheless do a little research.

Well, at least people had a good laugh, which is all that matters in these challenging times.

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