Nida Yasir’s morning show is often the talk of the town with its bizarre antics and choice of guests. While her show often comes off as a source of entertainment it also features some of the most unconventional debates and topics. In her recent show, Nida Yasir shared her old pictures and opened up about her beauty journey over the past few decades.

Nida Yasir’s Plastic Surgery 

Nida Yasir has groomed herself quite a lot and her pictures are evident enough. The actress-turned-host recently shared a series of pictures from years ago while talking about how she used to look back in the day. From discussing her makeup to the lipstick she is wearing, Nida sure has come a long way and she isn’t afraid to admit that.

Take a look at the video where she discusses her beauty journey with the audience.

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Nida Yasir’s plastic surgery rumors caught heed over the past few years after the actress showed up in a new avatar. However, Nida herself turned down the rumors and gave credit to her efforts and the artists who helped her throughout her beauty journey.

Nida also shared teenage pictures of many other celebrities and actresses while talking about their beautiful looks and how they have changed their looks over the years. From Aiman and Minal to Urwa, Mawra, Humaima Malick, Hira Mani, Sarwat Gilani, and Mehwish Hayat, Nida discussed their features and their beauty journey throughout the years.

While talking about the old fashion trends Nida discussed how crimped, frizzy hair was in fashion back in the day. “Since, there were no blow dryers and curlers we would just go everywhere with frizzy hair.”

Nida isn’t one to shy away from her past looks but she always motivates girls and women to work on themselves to look their best.

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