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Pakistan has witnessed many changes, be it at a lower level or a drastic level ever since Prime Minister Imran Khan and his political party- Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf took over. One of these changes includes the reconsideration of rates for campaigns on Television.

According to the latest tweet by Federal Minister of Information Fawad Chaudhary has shared that the government has revised the rates for television ads for campaigns and public service messages.


The tweet reads:

The Govt of Pakistan after due deliberation and considering the rates charges by Pvt Channels has evaluated the new rates which are fair & reasonable for release of Public Sector Ads/campaigns.

Valid for all Federal/Prov Govts, Autonomous bodies & Organisations from 27th Dec 2018

Present Rates vs New Rates

S. NoTV ChannelAD/Campaign DurationCurrent RateNew Rate (per minute)Rate Difference
1Aaj News60 seconds175,00045,000130,000
2Abb Tak60 seconds245,00035,000210,000
3Apna TV60 seconds210,00025,000185,000
4ARY News60 seconds245,00091,000154,000
5Business Plus60 seconds182,00012,000170,000
6Capital TV60 seconds210,00025,000185,000
7Channel 2460 seconds175,00030,000145,000
8Channel 560 seconds175,0005,000170,000
9City 4260 seconds210,00015,000195,000
10Dawn News60 seconds210,00055,000155,000
11Din News60 seconds210,00010,000200,000
12Dunya News60 seconds273,00075,000198,000
13Express-News60 seconds245,00065,000180,000
14Geo News60 seconds290,00089,000201,000
15GNN60 seconds122,50010,000112,500
16K-260 seconds140,0006,000134,000
17K-2160 seconds210,00010,000200,000
18Khyber News60 seconds210,00015,000195,000
19KTN News60 seconds210,00030,000180,000
20Mashriq TV60 seconds105,0008,00097,000
21Neo News60 seconds210,00015,000195,000
22News One60 seconds240,00035,000205,000
23Public TV60 seconds35,000-35,000
24Punjab TV60 seconds105,00010,00095,000
25Royal News60 seconds175,0005,000170,000
26Roze News60 seconds245,0005,000240,000
27Sama TV60 seconds245,00085,000160,000
28Sindh TV60 seconds210,00012,000198,000
29Such TV60 seconds147,00010,000137,000
30VSH60 seconds175,0005,000170,000
31Waseb TV60 seconds190,00010,000180,000
327 News60 seconds227,50012,000215,500
33Star Aisa60 seconds130,0003,000127,000
3492 News60 seconds245,00045,000200,000
35Lahore News60 seconds210,00015,000195,000
36Hum News60 seconds245,00045,000200,000

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According to the chart, brands and the government and even NGOs can save more than 200,000 because of the new rates.

This will encourage several smaller brands to display and market their products on national television on some of the most top channels.

*Note- These rates are not yet final and have been sent ahead for the final confirmation. Once approved, a final rate list will be distributed to all channels.

Social Media Reactions Towards News Rates

Social media seemed quite ecstatic after the minister tweeted about the new rates. Here’s what Pakistanis had to say:

News Channel Rates

What is you stance on this news? Do you agree with the new rates?

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