Singer Aima Baig is at the disposal of netizens and social media trolls after sharing her pictures in a black sari. All decked up from head to toe in a classic black printed sari paired with the right amount of accessories Aima’s recent pictures have left social media fuming.

Meanwhile, with the onset of Ramadan, the pictures don’t seem right to the trolls as the moral brigade has taken to social media to teach the singer a thing or two about the ethics of dressing up in Ramadan.

However, if that wasn’t enough Baig’s exposed tattoos added fuel to the fire and the only thing that came out from her pictures was the hatred. Meanwhile, let’s not forget how Aima has been at the receiving end of this kind of hate and criticism for a long time simply because she liked to experiment with her outfits.

Before we head to the judgemental comments, take a look at Aima’s outfit receiving hate below.

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The Comments Section

Preaching Islam to celebrities is one thing but the lack of tolerance seen by these keyboard warriors is always on another level in Ramadan. While Ramadan teaches us to be mindful of what we choose to wear, it also teaches us to be mindful of what we choose to speak and sadly this is the thing most often forgotten by the social media trolls.

Take a look at some of the harsh and brutal comments recieved on the Aima Biag’s post.

Image source: Instagram
Image source: Instagram


Image source: Instagram

What are your thoughts about these people trying to teach the religious aspects to these celebrities? Do you think these trolls need to learn a few things themselves too? Because we certainly do!

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