Bushra Ansari recently appeared on a Ramazan transmission where the veteran actress shared her thoughts about treating house help properly. According to her, one should respect their workers since ethically it is way more rewarding than paying them monetarily.

“The house help I have I don’t want to call them helpers, they have been with me for the past 14 years. When you have someone who works in your house or the kitchen, they do get paid for that. However, if someone is loyal with their work you can’t pay them for their loyalty in the form of money.” Noted Bushra Ansari.

“If you consider their efforts, respect them just like your kids then they would also respect you in return and I believe it is a true blessing.”

Take a look at her views about house helpers in the video below.

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While talking about the undue pressure the workers go through while working at someone’s place, Ansari shared the utmost thing she hates about people. According to her the people who are stingy with their home stuff and utensils and pressurize their house help to not break anything are the worst kind.

“I hate this kind of behavior. If something is bound to break then it will break. Threatening your house helpers to cut off their salaries in case they make a mistake is the most disappointing thing I have seen growing up.” She added.

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