While Iqrar ul Hassan’s third marriage to anchor Aroosa Khan came as a shock to the nation, Aroosa’s life sure took a turn for the better. In her recent interview, the anchor opened up about her relationship with Iqrar ul Hassan.

Aroosa Khan shared insights into the profound transformations her life has undergone since marrying Iqrar. According to her jst a year ago, she was immersed in the dynamic world of field reporting, where her responsibilities included covering stories and reporting back to her superiors from the confines of an office setting.

However, within this relatively short span of time, she has seamlessly transitioned into a position of authority, now spearheading an entire digital enterprise. As the head of this company, she not only assumes the role of a boss but has also fully embraced the challenges and rewards of entrepreneurship, marking a significant departure from her previous professional identity.

Here’s her full interview:

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While talking about her journey, Aroosa mentioned that she has observed a notable shift in the attitudes and perceptions of those around her, which reflects the magnitude of her personal and professional evolution. Beyond her current endeavors, she has set her sights on a bold venture: the establishment of Pakistan’s largest salon, a project she is deeply passionate about and actively pursuing. To achieve this ambitious goal, Khan has engaged with numerous consultants and experts, diligently laying the groundwork for what promises to be a groundbreaking endeavour in the beauty industry.

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