husband partner not child nadia hussain
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Nadia Khan shared her point of view when it comes to doing her husband’s duties. After the Sadaf Kanwal fiasco, there’s finally someone talking sense on live television. Here’s what the actress said with her husband sitting next to her:

Sadaf Kanwal’s Benchmark

Funnily enough, the same woman who was interviewing Sadaf Kanwal when she made those controversial statements, was also interviewing Nadia Hussain. Sadaf Kanwal previously set the standard very low on this topic. Her infamous dialogue was that she should know where her husband’s shoes, clothes are. She should also iron them for him. However, he must not know these things about her or do those for her.

husband partner not child nadia hussain
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Now, when the same question is asked Nadia Hussain, her answer is like a gust of fresh air.

Nadia Hussain Gets Honest

The interviewer asks Nadia Hussain that, “Do you think it is a farz of women to do their husband’s work? Do you do his work?” To which Nadia Hussain honestly replied, “No, why should I do his work? He’s my husband, my life partner, not my child.”

husband partner not child nadia hussain
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This sets the standard for what she had to say beyond this and immediately shows her stance— it’s anything but what our toxic society feeds us.

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Raised The Wrong Way

The interviewer then asks Nadia Hussain a very important question. She explains how men in our society are raised in a particular way. It’s the mother always cooking for them and doing their work. The sister is asked to compromise for her brother repeatedly. The male is basically prioritised and pampered since birth. “Do you think that’s right?”, the interviewer asks Nadia Hussain.

husband partner not child nadia hussain
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To which Nadia Hussain simply said, “I believe that is wrong and I’m not raising my children that way.” Though being from an elite family her children might have many of their needs met, it is great to know that the change we seek is underway. Perhaps the coming generation will be different!

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The Interview Clip

Should A Wife Not Serve Her Husband At All?

The interviewer also asked that what if a husband asks his wife to get him water or food? It is here that Nadia Hussain clarified that asking to do something is not the same as expecting the other to do something. In our society, it is believed that women must spend their lives serving their husbands. That, without a doubt, is wrong, unacceptable, and must be fought against.

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