Nadia Hussain's TVC Promoting Breast Enlarging Product
Image Source: Facebook

Nadia Hussain’s latest commercial is a cause of concern for reasons more than one. We have a feeling once you get to know what she’s promoted, you’ll be concerned too!

What’s The Product?

A breast-enlarging cream. Yes, while we may be in 2020 when technology is making leaps and bounds, our Pakistanis are still stuck on dated ideals. Hussain has taken part in a commercial that is advising women to use a breast enlarging product. 

What Does The Product Do?

The product is safe to use and has no chemicals in it, but how is that possible? It’s not like Pakistani companies are the most transparent that tell you what’s going into their products. Read the post here!


Why It Needs To Be Condemned

God knows how many women will be influenced by this ad and use it. And we can not guess what women will be putting onto their sensitive body parts that can trigger an ost of diseases. It is NOT safe to use under any circumstances.

Moreover, the fact that we even have a product like this on the market is beyond problematic. We’re still blindly chasing “the perfect body” ideal as a society while so many other issues concerning women remain at large. This product is the embodiment of a regressive company.

The Perfect Body Ideal

Why do we even need a breast enlarging product? What is the purpose of influencing people to enlarge them artificially? It’s beyond absurd to see that in a society where one sexual violence case after another occurs, we’re again more focused on sexualizing and objectifying the female body.

The Plight Of Women In Regressive Settings

The position this puts young, naive, female minds in is indeed conflicting. They are supposed to be using breast-enlarging cream and making their body perfect while also protecting and covering their body from men on the streets. 

Let’s not forget how the use of this cream might be misconstrued as the woman being more “open” and “inviting.” 

In short, this is a terrible product that will and does warp our understanding of ourselves. Moreover, it can be highly dangerous to use. Use your intellect; it’s all you’ve got.

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