Nothing prepares you for the curve ball life throws at you when you become a parent. You may have found solutions for all the worst case scenarios, read up on all the literature, but when the moment arrives you remain clueless. Sure there are people around who claim they are always there to help. They believe just because they have kids of their own, you are obliged to listen to them whether you want to or not. But don’t be fooled. Whether they are the parents of a 1 day old or a 15-year-old, no one is sure of what they are doing, except for the professionals of course. is a platform that is filled with such professionals.

If you are tired of being judged for all the decisions you make as a parent, it’s time to find someone who agrees with you. Or at least listens to your side of the story, and does not label you as a complete failure. Mothers.PK is a portal for parents with kids of all ages.

Have a toddler who won’t stop crying? Maybe a teenager who won’t stop complaining? There are helpful tips to deal with them all.

Mothers.PK is now live and can be visited anytime you have a question, no matter how small. iOS and Android apps are also available for download, so you can find help on the go wherever you are. A professional panel of legal, financial, education, medical and family experts can be contacted for all kinds of queries.

You can also seek offline assistance with the help of the phone directory. Parents can also join the forum and talk to other parents, share experiences and stories. It’s like a support group that is there to help you through your rough patches. Only in this case, the rough patch is an extremely adorable child.

Help is not the only thing being offered at Mothers.PK. The team behind the venture understands how little time parents actually have to themselves. So they are trying to do everything on their end to make lives easier. Also available on the website is an e-store carrying groceries, toys and even beauty products.

You no longer have to spend hours shopping to stock on supplies. Just order online and sit back. Maybe clean the mess your child made while you were reading this article. The rest is all covered.

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You can download the app here for iOS and Android