mothers day ads 2019

Mothers’ Day 2019 is here and brands all over the world are rolling out relevant ads and campaigns.

Here’s a list of powerful Mothers’ Day ads for 2019 that are sure to make you cry:

Kwentong Jollibee Mother’s Day 2019: Schoolboy

This Jollibee ad sheds light on the difficulties faced by children with abnormalities and their mothers.

The immense strength and beauty with which this school boy’s mother teaches him to look past bullying are sure to make you tear up.

Watch the full ad here:

FEMPROW: Empowering Women in Pakistan

Mother’s Day 2019 by Preganews:

#GoodNewsIsGenderFree #PregaNewsMeansGoodNews

It is no secret that a boy’s birth is more celebrated than a girl’s birth in many parts of the world.

This compelling Preganews ad addresses the issue of gender discrimination in a very intelligent and moving way.

It urges parents to be equally welcoming when a baby girl is born and to always remain focused on the health of the child instead of their gender.

Watch the full ad here:

Parle-G Mothers’ Day:

This ad by Parle-G takes one on an emotional roller-coaster!

With its story of a boy who grows up seeing his working mother and inspires to become like her, the ad highlights the uniqueness with which every mother compromises many things in life for her child.

Watch the full ad here:

Love Kita, Ma – Happy Mother’s Day from McDo:

This unconventional ad by McDonalds’ Philippines brings single mothers and children from broken families to the spotlight.

It shows how a single mother takes care of her child just as well, despite the struggles that she faces due to not having the child’s father with her.

Watch the full ad here:

Happy Mother’s Day | Let’s #DeliverTheLove:

Amazon India, through this beautifully crafted ad, depicts each and everything that mothers go through to knit together their children’s life.

Watch the full ad here: 


How do you feel about these Mothers Day 2019 ads?

Watch them with your mothers and let us know how they react!