Why should a little trip outside involve you dressing up like an astronaut? During the current season, you need to be able to wear whatever you want to keep cool without worrying about pests and insects. Mosquitos are everywhere, especially when one steps outside their houses in open and public places. These mosquitos are not just an irritant, they additionally lead to harmful mosquito-borne diseases such as dengue. To tackle this problem, Mortein stepped in and brought an innovation to life for the first time in Pakistan: Mosquito-killing billboards.

Individually, people can adopt simple measures to reduce the incidence of mosquitos in their households. This includes measures like ensuring cleanliness, covering open water and using good quality pest control products such a Mortein. However, the problem still remains when people step outside their households, especially in open and public spaces. Since it is quite inconvenient to ensure the above measures outside the house, Mortein’s solution can help reduce mosquito-borne diseases in public spaces.

Mosquito killing Billboards by Mortein

Parks are frequented by people of all ages. Young kids, adults, and the elderly, all visit parks to enjoy some fresh air. It is very healthy and keeps them active. Unfortunately, these parks can be infested with the pests that can very well be carrying many diseases. To make the park going experience better for everyone, Mortein has installed mosquito killing billboards in such spaces.

These mosquito-killer boards attract mosquitoes as humans do: they release carbon dioxide and produce the effect similar to the smell of sweat (through lactic acid foams). The UV lights present serve as an additional attraction for the mosquitoes. As the mosquitos get attracted towards the board, they are sucked inside through exhaust fans where they eventually dehydrate and die. It’s quite commendable how Mortein has tried to deal with the problem in a very smart and creative manner.

What people think about this innovation

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In a developing country like Pakistan where mosquito-borne diseases are rather common, this initiative by Mortein not only helps reduce the incidence of such diseases; but in a way which gives a fresh perspective to the concept of protection from these pests. It goes to show that Mortein is indeed the thought leader in the Pest Control Category of Pakistan: it has taken a step in making public areas safer to visit in way creative enough to have captured the nation’s attention!

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