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Microsoft has been working quietly for the past few months. They are backing up everything related to the Xbox. The company is certainly going for the long run, waiting to step in the spotlight. You know they are not going to disappoint because their events are quite eye-catching. In Fall 2021, a new Surface Hardware event is about to take place, by the company. A lot of people are awaiting the date it finally streams. We are excited to see what the company has to offer its users!

Despite there being so much news related to the Pandemic, the company has managed to stay afloat. Not only that, they have flourished quite a lot and are going to move forward yet again. So, let us dive into the details of the event and see what we are to expect. It is a surface hardware event so there may be quite a few products of interest. After all, this is a company that is known to make robust long-lasting hardware.

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Microsoft Event Expectations

So far, we are expecting a total of five new surface devices, which are sure to rock the tech world. The company always tends to make impressive releases and this is no different. Four of these devices are among the first PCs which are going to have Windows 11 straight out of the box! That gives buyers a good opportunity to get to know the workings of the new windows. The first product on our list is the Surface Duo 2. Microsoft faced quite a lot of pressure on this due to some shortcomings on the Surface Duo 1.

However, the new one is said to house the Snapdragon 888 processor as well as enhanced 5G capabilities. Apart from that, the device has two 5.8-inch displays on the inside, with a higher refresh rate. Battery size has been increased by 800-900mah as well! Secondly, the Microsoft event might also see the release of Surface Pro X and Surface Pro 8. On the latter, the display is said to be bigger than the pro 7, closer to the 13-inch one found on the Pro X. Just like that, the Surface Pro X is also going to go through some upgrades this fall.

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Here is yet another one of the expected devices,

new products coming by company soon
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Some More Releases

It seems that the Microsoft Surface Book 4 might just be the highlight of the event. The device itself can be pulled out and laid flat over a horizontal surface to accommodate for writing and making notes. Additionally, there is going to be a larger tracking pad as compared to the surface book 3. The device will have two USB-C ports, a surface connect port, and a headphone jack.

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Finally, there are going to be a few revisions to the Surface Go 3. While the price of the Go 3 may remain close or similar to the predecessor, there is going to be some chip updates. These updates could really jack up the experience for people who decide to invest in it and use it. If you wish to learn more about them, you can always visit the official website and check the products out. We hope Microsoft does well and flourishes with this event, keeping it among the top contenders.

surface book 4 coming by Microsoft at event
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