an upcoming promising year for microsoft
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E3 can be quite high on the ‘Successful Events’ list for 2021. It has certainly shocked the audience and left them wanting more. No one wants newer games than the fans of E3. From Microsoft to Bethesda, each of the brands has been successful. We saw quite a lot of trailers and many of them caused us to wonder even more. What do these companies have stored up their sleeve? How immersive is the future of gaming?

Considering how the Xbox and Bethesda showcasing went, it is quite clear they are headed for higher ground. They released trailers for games like Starfield, Forza as well as Halo. Halo has become a popular gaming icon by now. You might not meet an avid gamer who has never heard of or played Halo. This shows us just how far Microsoft has reached after all their hard work. So, how is this a promising year for the company?

Microsoft And Gaming

Xbox has really created a name for itself in the gaming industry. Forza is yet another game that has amassed a huge following. People line up to buy the latest one. They just cannot have enough of the racing genre and gameplay that this game offers. However, the coming year can be promising for Xbox and Microsoft. The year we are referring to is the one that lasts from November 2021 to November 2022. However, why are we selecting November?

It has been stated that November is going to be a high month for Microsoft. Not only are they releasing Starfield and Forza but we might also see Halo. Halo: Infinite is also expected for November and this is something entirely new. Xbox has usually released games with definitive gaps between them. Sometimes, these gaps have been years long. However, three new game releases in a month could mean wonders for the company.

New Releases

From the trailers, all of these games seemed quite impressive. It seems that Forza 5 has already nabbed a place on ‘Best Trailers’. With the amount of accessibility it offers in the open world, there is quite a lot of room for immersive gameplay. The creators want to make sure that players get the best from what they buy. Their investment should not go to waste when buying such games. Additionally, Halo: Infinite is said to have a free-to-play multiplayer.

This alone is going to reel in a player base that might only be toppled by Battlefield 2042. Now, those 128 player servers are a force to not be reckoned with! Let us hope that the year holds out to be the most promising one for Xbox. They really are going above and beyond to make sure their quality is top-notch. The fans are anxiously awaiting November now!

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