#MeToo – News Channel Mocks Mohsin Abbas Haider’s Wife in a Segment

gnn mocks domestic abuse

In a society where it already costs an arm and a leg to come out with a #MeToo story and follow up with the case in court, the last thing we need is the media mocking the movement.

Case in point, Meesha Shafi and Ali Zafar’s case and now Mohsin Abbas Haider or Shamoon Abbasi and his wife, Fatema Sohail’s case.

Complaints have been filed from both sides, but we have no concrete word about who the court is in favour of.

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Recently, a video of a news channel making fun of domestic violence is circulating all over social media. The two guests are dressed up as Mohsin and Fatema.

Here is the video of the segment, Joke Dar Joke, in which the hosts and actors together are saying some very problematic things about abuse:


For example, here’s what one of the show hosts said to the woman:

“You’ve been calling all the men ‘brothers’, no wonder you’ve ended up like this!”

Another thing said by the same host was:

“Express your pain but please don’t make that bad face. Express it such that we listen to it with interest.”

Moving on, a problematic comment made by the female host was on “being liberal”. 

“If your husband is in the media, you should be liberal enough to understand that your husband will mingle with female colleagues and costars.”

Popular comedian and writer, Shehzad Ghias took to his social media accounts to strongly condemn the content shown in the segment.

Here is what he said:

I generally dislike shows on the Mazak Raat format for their hateful nature of comedy but Joke Dar Joke on GNN tonight went the disgusting route of mocking domestic abuse so flippantly.

The man with the beard is particularly vile. HOW WAS THIS ALLOWED TO AIR? HOW IS THIS FUNNY?

Remind me again how political correctness in comedy has gone too far? This is your mainstream comedy!

To make it worse, the main show host, Hina Niazi, continued to defend the show by arguing that the show was meant to advocate women’s rights:

“I kept talking about women rights in this segment”

But Shehzad would not have it.

And neither would the rest of social media.

Many are even insisting that a complaint on PEMRA be filed.

Do you think it is appropriate for a channel to broadcast content like this for the public to see? Especially when victims of abuse need our support now more than ever?

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Let us know in the comments.

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