Last month, the Government of Pakistan had issued SRO 1035(1)/2017, which created a confusion in the local automotive market. Making out the context of the SRO was a little confusing for everyone.

While some interpreted it according to their knowledge, it came to our knowledge that the issued SRO was related to foreign car brands operating in Pakistan, including Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Porche and BMW.

BMW, Porche, and Audi have filed a petition in court against the SRO claiming that it is invalid and is illegal. While Audi has a change in price just a short time back, Mercedes-Benz also got a price change.

The following are the Mercedes-Benz models available in Pakistan and their price:

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Mercedes Benz C Class:

  • Base Model (Rs.6.8million)
  • Avantgarde (Rs.7.5million)
  • Exclusive (Rs.7.5million)
  • AMG- body kit package (Rs.8.3million)

Mercedes Benz E Class:

  • Base Model (Rs.12.4million)
  • Avantgarde (Rs.13.6million)
  • Exclusive (Rs.13.6million)
  • AMG-body kit package (Rs.14.5million)

Mercedes Benz S Class:

  • AMG-body kit package (Rs.24.5million)

Mercedes Benz GLS:

  • GLS 400 (Rs.28.0million)
  • GLS 500 (Rs.30.0million

What is your take on the sudden change in prices?

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