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It is no secret that women in Pakistan get harassed left, right, and center and it has been happening ever since we can remember.

However, the only difference between earlier times and now is that now, these cases of inappropriate behaviour are not swept under the rug. Case(s) in point: Mohsin Abbas Haider and his wife, Ukhano, and many more that have recently surfaced and taken social media with storm.

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Many have stood by the victims, and that’s the good, magical side of social media. While cases of domestic violence and cyber harassment come to light, we cannot ignore cases of harassment on the streets which is one of the most common kind of assault women face on a day to day basis.

Not more than 3-4 hours ago, a hero(ine) in a khaaki uniform emerged, thanks to her own tweet which is being celebrated all over Pakistani Twitter right now.

The usual, classic case of a man seeing a woman on the street and failing to hold his horses.

However, what is not usual is a woman refusing to tolerate such despicable behaviour and reporting it to the authorities straight away.

The superstar is none other than Amna Baig from Punjab Police. Social media is loving Amna Baig for yet another heroic act, and so are we!

Definitely, this act by Amna Baig should encourage other victims oh harassment to do the same so that such incidents can be minimized.

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Dear Pakistanis, STOP Mistaking this Married Woman for Hassan Ali’s Future Wife, Shamia!

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