Dear Pakistanis, STOP Mistaking this Married Woman for Hassan Ali’s Future Wife, Shamia!

shamia arzoo shamia azmin

Pakistanis love wedding news, be it about a friend or relative’s wedding, or be it about a celebrity’s wedding.

Pakistanis also love rumors, and jump at them like they’re free cupcakes.

The wedding news currently taking social media by storm is that of Hassan Ali’s wedding rumors with Shamia Arzoo.

Yes, we’re calling it a rumor because Hassan has very recently given a statement that his wedding news is not confirmed.

Hassan Ali Breaks Silence on Wedding Rumors with Shamia Arzoo

However, we’re still more concerned about the girl he plans to marry: Shamia Arzoo. We’re so curious that in attempts to dig for photos and other details about the fast bowler’s possible bride to be, we’ve been posting photos and collages of Hassan Ali with Shamia Azmin Ahmad, a make up artist and beauty influencer.

Take a look at all the tweets circulating with the WRONG girl’s photos:

When the truth is, Shamia Azmin Ahmad is already married.

Apparently, Shamia Arzoo has made a Twitter account to clarify that she is the women Hassan Ali plans to get married to.

Take a look:

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