Mehwish Hayat

Unstoppable actress, singer, and humanitarian Mehwish Hayat is on a mission to prove to the world that she’s every bit worth that Tamgha-i-Imtiaz, the highest accolade any citizen of Pakistan can receive.

With one achievement after another, she keeps making Pakistan proud, and that too, on an international level.

The actor recently collaborated with the Muslim Islamic Charity, Penny Appeal, that has recognized her as one of the top five Muslim women inspirational who are on a mission to change the world!

In celebration and recognition of the Women’s Equality Day, Penny Appeal issued a list of five inspiring Muslim women who are aiming to shatter the glass ceiling and breaking stereotypes.

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Mehwish Hayat is running 26.2 miles to change hundreds of lives.

I’m running for education. I’m running for equality. I’m running for Pakistan, -Mehwish Hayat, Penny Appeal Ambassador 

She is taking on the London Marathon with Penny Appeal, to rebuild and transform 5 amazing schools in Pakistan.

I am so honoured to be chosen by the International Magazine, “Muslim Vibe” as one of the top five Muslim women in the world who are breaking stereotypes and changing the world. To be thought of in the same breath as women I look up to is humbling

‘Passionate and articulate, Mehwish has recently hit the headlines for advocating for positive representation and peace in Pakistan,’ are the words chosen to define Mehwish by the magazine

Other inspirational women on the list along with Mehwish Hayat are Manal Rostom, an Egyptian athlete, fitness influencer, clinical pharmacist and founder of online community Surviving Hijab, Ilhan Omar, member of the US House of Representatives, Linda Sarsour, an American political activist, and Ibtihaj Muhammad, the American sabre fencer.

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