McDonald’s and Burger King have known to be the biggest rivals in the history of the food and service industry.

They do whatever it takes to show which brand has the upper hand. McDonald’s decided to take the opportunity of the opening of a new Burger King branch in the center of Brussels, Belgium.

Team Ronald thought that it would be best to advertise their service right outside the King’s home using a billboard which is clearly visible to all the traffic that drives by and even the pedestrians.

The message on the board reads:

Served by a King, or served as a king? Discover our table service at mcdonald’s

The most savage move was using their logo in the form of a crown to troll the whole ‘Dine with the King’ experience.

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However, the King also was not going to stay quiet for too long! Before McDonald’s could claim victory, the King’s men hit back at their arch-rivals with a window display reading:

Why try to roast if you can’t even flame grill?

Burger King

Who do you think has emerged as victorious in this battle? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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