mcdonald's pakistan sacri-fries
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McDonald’s Pakistan has made huge sacri-fries and it’s hitting people where it hurts most: their McDonald’s meal. The fast-food place just announced the change they will be making to all their meals in the near future and it is beyond upsetting and concerning. Here’s what you should know before you order your next McDonald’s meal. 

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The Big Sacri-fries

The big sacri-fries just announced by McDonald’s Pakistan is that fries will only be served in the regular size. This is because of the global supply chain issues that are being faced when it comes to potatoes. We covered a while ago for you that in one country, Burger King just stopped serving fries altogether. This is because potatoes were simply not available in abundance anymore.

McDonald’s has said that for the time being, they will only be serving regular fries with all meals. For Pakistanis of course they had to clarify one thing: that the prices of the meals will also be adjusted. You can still order different sizes of meals except you will only get regular fries with them. Have a look at their ad:

The Decision

The ad is impactful, we have to say. To come up with the title “Sacri-fries” was creative and will bag people’s attention. This plays more into their favor because the blow of getting fewer fries can be cushioned. However, this is also really concerning.

mcdonald's pakistan sacri-fries
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It means that the global supply chain issues of potatoes have come to Pakistan now too. Can Pakistanis potentially live without potatoes? We think not. Let’s hear and see what other fast food joints say about their potato-based dishes.

What Do People Have To Say?

The people are crying wild on Twitter and it’s justified. For many of us, McDonald’s fries are home. They make us feel loved when nothing is going right. How can we have less of it?

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