McDonald’s Latest Ad Sparks Indian Outrage Over ‘Flirting’ With Cashier

Zomato and McDonald’s commercials have drawn criticism for appearing to normalise undesirable behaviour and broaching touchy subjects like flirting on work places.

McDonald’s Latest Ad Showcases Flirting 

Internet users have condemned McDonald’s most recent advertising campaign, which depicts a romance between a male customer and a female employee, for encouraging the “wrong precedent” of customers hitting on employees.

In the most recent McDonald’s advertisement, a man is seen visiting the restaurant and buying a meal. He was served by a female employee of McDonald’s, and the two of them exchanged looks. The advertisement depicts the two of them developing a romance. The young lad returns to the queue after finishing his order a little while later so that he can approach the girl once more.

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Sharing the ad on Twitter, McDonald’s shared the advertisement along with a statement.

“Sometimes, the greatest love stories start with the tiniest things – a glance, a smile, a meal. Watch this unusual date and find out how a meal can give you #MoreForLess at just Rs.179! Visit a McDonald’s near you and get McVeggie Meals @ Rs.179,” the company wrote on Twitter.

Netizens Reacts To The Advertisement 

Online response generated by a recent advertisement by McDonald’s India, showed users accusing the company of objectifying female employees and encouraging workplace harassment.

According to netizens, the ad normalises “creepy” behaviour and creates a narrative that men can hit on women even in a professional setting.

Here are some of the reactions from the twitter thread below.

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