Mathira is publicly addressing Rakhi Sawant, requesting that she discontinue her “theatrics” and maintain a respectful demeanor towards the Kaaba and its religious significance. The TV host’s post came after Rakhi Sawant was spotted performing Umrah.

Mathira Posted A Request For Rakhi Sawant 

Indian model and actress Rakhi Sawant who has been in the limelight ever since she got married to a Muslim and converted to Islam was recently seen performing Umrah. The actress took to her social media to report the news while she was on the way to Makkah. Later, a clip of the actress went viral from Haram where she was seen cursing and asking her husband the reason behind the divorce. The clout-chasing tactic she has been doing ever since she got divorced.

Here’s a look at her video.


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The actress further filmed the video of the Kaaba and repeatedly asked as to what she must do now. The video that goes beyond the ethics one must practice on the Holy grounds is raising eyebrows on social media. Pakistani VJ and host Mathira Khan caught the wind of the video and posted her thoughts on social about about Rakhi’s attempt to chase clout.

Here’s what she had to say about her video.

‘I’m sorry but the drama she is doing in Allah’s house is not good and can backfire on her. Please respect Allah’s ho. Stop this clout chasing! Using religion for you benefit is not good!’

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