Hadiqa Kiani has been under fire for her recent TV show ‘Hadsa’ as fans and netizens have been concluding the drama serial is based on the real-life motorway incident of 2020. Meanwhile, the internet users who took to social media made comments about the TV industry hitting new lows every day. The severe backlash led the actress to post a detailed note on her Instagram account. In which she cleared the speculations and rumors regarding the series.

What Precented The Backlash?

After the drama went on air, the survivor of the motorway incident reached out to a reporter to share her immense anguish over the industry and people making her relive the incident. The reporter posted the entire conversation between her and the survivor on the Twitter. The horrific details and triggers that followed the incident were nothing short of terrifying. Once the tweet went viral people from all walks of life started sympathizing with the victim and the drama started receiving backlash.

Hadiqa Kiani Shares Her Statement

The actress in her note mentioned that she was adamant about not performing a script that was based on a real-life story. Meanwhile, she also noted that she read the script multiple times. Only then she realized that the story is a sick reality of our society. Where incidents like rape and violence happen far too often.

Here’s what she had to say regarding the backlash on Hadsa.

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“To know that something I have been a part of is being used to hurt and trigger a survivor is something I cannot stand for. When I was asked to do the role of Taskeen for Hadsa, my first question was ‘Is this related to the motorway incident?’ ‘Is this based off of a true incident?’ I made it very clear that I would not be a part of a project it is based on anyone’s story. The team behind the project explicitly told me ‘No’. After many conversations with the team and only after reading the script. I understood that ‘Hadsa’ was not related to or based off of the 2020 motorway incident.”

“Unfortunately, the horrific act of rape and violence happens far too often in our society to men, women and children of all social classes and all religions. Often it happens on the road, in obstructed areas and too often the family members are forced to witness the terror. These are the realities of the world we live in. I have sadly been exposed to many stories like this one, but I can say that Hadsa is not based on any one person’s story. It is based on a sickly common part of our reality.”

Here’s her tweet

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