malala married netizens question
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Malala Yousafzai has put several Pakistani issues on the global map. However, the humanitarian and Nobel prize winner can not escape the laser eyes of netizens who hold her accountable for her statements. As the news surfaced that she has tied the knot, netizens want to ask Malala a very important question.

Malala’s Marriage

Malala Yousafzai surprised the world as she announced her marriage. Her husband, Asser Malik, holds an esteemed position on the Pakistan Cricket Board. The two had also posted a picture together before but nobody suspected it. On 9th November 2021, the two announced it on their Instagram profiles with endearing pictures. They’re simple, they’re exquisite and they’re very British!

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Netizens Have A Question

However, while the world was congratulating the two, netizens were brewing up questions in their minds. To jog your memory, a while ago Malala said in an interview that according to her, marriage is rather unnecessary. To her, it is just like signing a contract— there is no significance. Life goes on as it was before.

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Therefore, now that Malala herself has signed a Nikkahnama, netizens are confused. Did she not think that was unnecessary? It’s a valid question because if she was not of this belief, why influence others to think that way? Moreover, if she was of the belief, did she marry out of societal pressure?

This is what netizens are saying:

Will Malala Ever Please Pakistanis?

The Nobel laureate and Pakistanis have a love-hate relationship, that is for sure. However, more often than not the reasons behind the hate become obscure. It is true that we, as a society, enjoy picking on celebrities and reminding them what they said in the past. However, this is someone’s marriage day! At least one day can be granted with peace, happiness, and tolerance.

malala married netizens question
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The sad state of affairs is revealed in front of our eyes suggests that the public may not hold respect for you even if you bag a Nobel prize. The life of Abdus Salam and his contributions were contested and another Nobel laureate is poked and prodded in her life. Regardless of these questions, we wish Malala a happy and healthy life with her partner!

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