Tang has been quite active the past year. The brand held numerous creative activities throughout 2016, the most popular of them being the Mother’s Day flashcall activity. The activity allowed people to call a toll-free number, record a personalized message for their mums. On Mother’s Day, the mothers received a call from Tang which relayed these messages.

The well thought out campaign was both sweet and creative. Many people participated in this activity, express love and gratitude for their mothers. Social media was abuzz with people appreciating Tang give them the opportunity to do something different for Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day was just one of the creative campaigns rolled out by the brand. In light of the hot summers in Pakistan, Tang came up with refreshing recipes for people to enjoy. While a glass of Tang on its own is a pretty refreshing treat on its own, these recipes just made it even better. Our personal favorite was the Sorbet.

This year Tang has even more things planned to make 2017 exciting for you. Mother’s Day 2017 is a month away and Tang already has something in the works. Along with bringing back their flashcall service, the brand is also partnering with TCS Sentiments to make Mother’s Day even more special.

While we are yet to find out what this collaboration entails, we sure are excited. The flashcall idea for Mother’s Day is unique and creative, but this partnership with TCS Sentiments means we would be able to have a special gift delivered to our mothers as well. For now we can only guess, but whatever it will be, we are sure its going to be worth it.

Stay tuned to find out what Tang has planned for Mother’s Day 2017!