Students of Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) have found themselves in the eye of a social media storm after an inside video went viral on the internet.

The 10-sec clip showcases LUMs students donned in pink and grooving to a tune inside the university’s premises.

All hell broke loose on social media after the video made its way on the internet.

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It all started when a senior columnist and commentator Irshad Bhatti shared it on Twitter and condemned it by claiming” ‘yeh hai LUMS university ka haal’

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Apparently, the students were celebrating ‘Pink Day’ in the university and were dressed as per the theme of the event.

The video has ignited a fiery debate and consequently, #LUMS started trending on Twitter.

Keyboard warriors were quick to protest against LUMS students dancing during the holy month of Ramadan.

The rest defended LUMS and claimed that the clip was harmless.

Many highlighted that there are far worse problems that social media should be worrying about.

Last month, LUMS came under fire after a ‘sexist’ Facebook group of LUMS male students and alumni got exposed.

It was reported that the group circulated ‘misogynistic’ content and prompted its students to protest in front of the Office of the Student Affairs at the University, to take action against the group and students involved.

Later LUMS released a statement to ensure that it promotes” mutual respect’ and will “sensitize the community at large on gender issues”.

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