lums expels student
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LUMS is one of the top varsities in Pakistan boasting millions of students and a world-renowned faculty. However, the university has started remaining in the news for all the wrong reasons and this time is no different. The university has dealt with a student in an extremely harsh manner and people are questioning its integrity.

What Happened?

A final-year student has been expelled from LUMS. His fault? He shared an assignment with his friend. Recall your university and school experiences— didn’t we all do something like this? After all, sharing an assignment with a friend poses no harm. It can be for reference, for an idea, or as an example. To expel a student just as they were close to their graduation is a cruel punishment indeed.

The student’s friend apparently copy-pasted from his assignment. As a result, the system flagged the work as plagiarism and highlighted he, whose assignment it was and the other, who copied it. Both were sent to the disciplinary committee and this was the decision.

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What Is Being Done?

There is an uproar against this decision within the LUMS community also. Students are mobilising for a protest in order to help the member who is in extreme distress. Imagine your effort of 4 years going to waste over helping a friend— it is unimaginably painful.

lums expels student
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As the tweet shows, people are also trying to pull attention to this matter.

What Are Others Saying?

People have a lot to say on this matter. Some are enraged at this punishment that is simply cruel and others are questioning the integrity of the committee that judges these cases. Perhaps the solution lies in a balanced committee bench involving students too. This example clearly shows elder members do not have a heart and do not understand the sensitivity of the situation.

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Is This A Fair Punishment?

A case can definitely be made against the student for sharing the paper. Did they do it to cheat? In the case that this is established, getting an F in the course is a severe punishment that would deter the student and others also. However, to expel the student is ruining the student’s life and that too of their parents.

lums expels student
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