For the love of tea! Lipton has given tea lovers yet another reason to rejoice as the brand announced a new boba-infused milk tea ice-cream bar in Japan.

The new dessert reportedly has the same delicious aroma of Lipton tea and even has the same great taste that everyone cannot get over.

The ice cream bar has two layers. Inside is a cream filling while the outer casing is more candy-like adding more delight for tastebuds.

The layers taste like milk tea. For many milk tea lovers, the highlight will be the black boba balls.

Furthermore, the tea company has collaborated with Akagi Dairy to manufacture the chewy black boba balls without compromising the consistency even when frozen.

Lipton is one of the beverage and food brands that is taking a huge jump into the boba-theme market as it is quite popular in Japan. Given that it is already a leading brand around the world, this new product will give it a large market in Japan.

The Lipton Boba-Infused Milk Tea Ice Cream Bar has been given a price tag of ¥140 which is equivalent to $1.29 USD.

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