W11 Cafe in Islamabad

The famous W11 wagon from Karachi is now a new cafe at F-6 Markaz in Islamabad. This cute little eatery is a true depiction of the W11 vibrant and colorful exterior.

The famous mini wagon was just a route or a mode of transport until some brilliant humans took it to the whole new level and turned it into a breathing restaurant.

W11 cafe serves both traditional and contemporary menu with absolute Karak Chai, Patti thok kay and cheeni rok kay!

Those who have never been to Karachi can always visit this cute little Tea joint and feel the essence of the hustle and bustle of the city.

This dhaba culture in Karachi is like the delicacy of the city and we rarely get such an environment anywhere else in Pakistan. The capital is slowly adopting this culture and we see more and more outdoor, roadsides cafe popping in the city.

From furniture to cutlery everything is inspired by truck art and it gives the ambiance of the cafe an extremely lively vibe. Also, the variety of food served here cater to a wide range of food lovers. Students, families and even the young working-class are there to enjoy amazing food with shaam ki Chai.

So next time if you are visiting Islamabad and craving a taste of Karachi in the Capital just heads to W11 and enjoy the scrumptious food with beautiful surroundings. The interesting name and variety of food served here at W11 make it a chilling spot for anyone.

Do visit W11 on your next to Islamabad.

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