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On Friday, LinkedIn, an iPhone user sued the business and the employment-oriented online website from New York city for diverting and reading users’ data from Apple’s Universal Clipboard.

The lawsuit that has been filed against LinkedIn in San Francisco by Adam Bauer states that the company reads sensitive content without informing the user from the clipboard.

What is Apple’s Universal Clipboard? 

Apple’s official site says that Universal Clipboard allows iPhone users to copy images, videos, and text on a clipboard. The data that is duplicated on the clipboard can be pasted to another iPhone or Apple device.

Bauer’s lawsuit alleged that “Apple’s Universal Clipboard shows these (third-party access) “reads” on screen as a “paste” command.”

Linkedin Has Not Come Out with an Official Statement On The Matter As Yet

Reuters tried to speak to Linkedin to get an official statement on the matter, but the Microsoft owned company has not made any public comments as yet. An executive from Linkedin has said on Twitter that a new version of the application will be out soon, which will completely halt the practice. The question is as to why such a big company would ever bring an act like this in practice?

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What have the iOS Developers Found?

According to the complaint made, testers and developers of Apple’s latest operating system iOS 14 have found the Microsoft owned company sneaking up secretly on iPhones and iPads clipboard “a lot”.

Under the California law, the lawsuit by Bauer has been filed to understand the issue at hand and get a clear picture of the class action based on a violation of the law.

Linkedin Has Been Spying on Devices 

In the complaint, it has been mentioned that the company has not only been secretly acquiring data from its users, but it is also spying on devices that are nearby such as laptops, computers, and other accessories.

“It has been circumventing Apple’s Universal Clipboard timeout,” says a publishing site.

TikTok, A Chinese Application was Violating Similar Laws

It was not so long ago when Tiktok was making rounds on social media for violating similar laws. The newest iOS 14 update has been able to detect unlawful activity these apps on our phones have been carrying out.

Media reports from last week suggest that around a total of fifty-three applications have been reported by users, including TikTok and LinkedIn, for stealing data from their Apple devices’. The data was being taken from the Universal Clipboard by all these apps after Apple’s latest privacy feature started alerting users.

The alert said, “pasted from messages” every time an app would try to access data that was not allowed.

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